Our Story

Hloom debuts with one goal — make beautiful, simple Microsoft Office templates.
Our iconic blue and green color scheme is introduced.
We pass 1 million free template downloads.
We expand our library to 250+ free downloadable resume templates.
Hloom launches a new logo and website redesign.
We pass 2 million free template downloads.
Free template downloads hit 4 million in less than a year.
We reach 5 million template downloads four years after launch.
Template downloads double in one year to an impressive 10 million.
Hloom joins the BOLD family of job seeker tools.
Hloom goes international with French, Italian and Spanish sites.
We hit 15 million free downloads!
Hloom launches Resume and Cover Letter Builders offering DIYers more professional templates and suggested text examples to help create your documents.
We upgrade our free downloadable template library — 700+ resumes and 300+ cover letters.

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Helping Job Seekers

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Dozens of templates

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resumes created and downloaded
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Meet Our Team

Would you like to meet the people dedicated to making job searches a little easier? We’ve all been there –– scrolling through job listings, fidgeting with resume layouts, juggling multiple gigs, taking on short-term contracts, and hustling to the interview finish line.

Paul Ross

Paul Ross,Sr. SEO Associate

Paul is our experienced SEO specialist helping Hloom deliver to users what they came for. He attended the University of Texas at Tyler, where he majored in Marketing. His background includes SEO, paid advertising, social media marketing, and YouTube marketing experience.

Gabriela Barcenas

Gabriela Barcenas,Content Strategist

Gaby is Hloom’s resident writer, a certified professional resume writer (CPRW), and a baking enthusiast. She likes to defend the use of the functional resume to her friends in HR. She graduated from the University of San Francisco with a B.A. in English and Creative Writing and wrote about career growth, tech startups, education, fashion, travel and lifestyle culture throughout her career.

Michael Curry

Michael Curry,Technical Marketing Manager

Michael’s role includes working closely with content, development, and design teams to execute web-based marketing objectives. Michael graduated from California State University Northridge where he received a B.S. degree in Marketing. He enjoys operating in the digital space, from creating and managing content to building entire sites.

We’re Here to Help

Free Resume Templates

Free Resume Templates

The templates that started it all. Hloom set out to make simple, elegant and free resume templates for our fellow job seekers. You can use our vast library of downloadable templates and styles to help start your new resume.

Resume Builder

Resume Builder

If you found a template you like, but you’re still struggling to find the right words to describe your professional skills and experience, use our Resume Builder. We feature job-specific skills and suggest pre-written sections for thousands of job openings. Our builder also features exclusive templates, customizable themes and fonts, and professional resume advice.

Resume Examples

Resume Examples

Found your favorite template and are ready to DIY? You can visit our resume examples for ideas on how to personalize your resume to match your experience and the distinct responsibilities of the job. Our examples span our 10-most-searched industries and the top-three applied for jobs.

Free Cover Letter Templates

Free Cover Letter Templates

A resume can fall flat without a cover letter to conceptualize your experience and provide real-world examples of your accomplishments. We crafted free cover letter templates to complement our most popular resume templates.

Cover Letter Builder

Cover Letter Builder

Your resume summarizes your abilities, but your cover letter contextualizes your accomplishments and lends credibility to applicants. Our builder tool can help you craft a well-written letter that appeals to hiring managers while unlocking professional templates and job-related advice.

Cover Letter Examples

Cover Letter Examples

Cover letter templates handle design and layout, but you can use our examples as guides to help you successfully frame your accomplishments. We wrote cover letters for our 10-most-search career paths and the top-three searched for jobs.