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Tell us about yourself
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Download your high-quality, ATS-friendly CV

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Why You Should Use Hloom’s CV Maker

By professionals, for professionals

  • Our career professionals keep you updated with the latest CV best practices.
  • Thoroughly researched and designed to optimize each CV template.
  • CVs are downloadable in multiple file formats.
  • Compatible with applicant tracking systems (ATS).

Fast and easy

  • AI technology speeds up the CV writing process.
  • Use prompts and suggestions to decide what you want to write.
  • Our built-in writing advice helps you personalize your CV to each unique job.

Built-in cover letter builder

  • Your Hloom account unlocks our cover letter builder too!
  • Our AI tool creates a persuasive letter template based on your past jobs and skills.
  • Maximize your chances and create a CV and cover letter at the same time.

Free and affordable resume templates

  • We provide free CV templates and examples for those on a budget.
  • Our CV builder provides a premium service at an affordable price.
  • Sign up to get the best professional services on the market.
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Our CV maker will save you valuable time and energy thanks to our easy-to-use and downloadable format.

With just a few questions, you can make your next CV in a matter of minutes!

CV Examples For Any Job

We have excellent CV examples for a wide range of industries and professions. Each is designed to meet the highest industry standards and help you stand out among candidates.

If you have a particular job in mind, then check out our free and premium CV examples to get a better idea of what our CV maker can do for you.

CV Maker FAQ

Updated: September 05, 2023

A CV maker is an online service that helps you write your CV. Generally, this is accomplished by answering questions and prompts so that a CV can be customized to your needs. When you’re done, you can download your CV and use it when you apply for a job.

Hloom’s CV is simple and easy to use. In just three steps, we can help you write your next CV.

  1. Choose a CV template.
  2. Tell us about yourself.
  3. Customize and download your CV.

At each step, you can make as many or as few changes as you would like to tailor your CV to your needs. It’s that easy!

Yes, Hloom’s CV maker has plenty of CV examples, organized by specific industries and job titles. Use a CV example to help you decide how to format your curriculum vitae. Our CV examples can provide you with inspiration and structure so that you can be sure you’re writing the best curriculum vitae possible.

Yes, it is OK, and in fact, highly recommended to use a CV maker. This is because a CV maker like ours saves you time and energy writing countless curriculum vitae, which means you can apply to jobs sooner. Additionally, our maker ensures your CV will be professional and ATS-friendly.

Yes, our CVs are compatible with applicant tracking systems (ATS). We want your CV to be easily read by the ATS so that your qualifications stand out and you can get your next job faster than ever!

In most countries outside the United States, a CV is treated like a resume. This means it is a brief document that details your qualifications for a job position.

However in some cases, especially in the U.S., a CV is used for academic and research opportunities. An academic or research CV will be a comprehensive account of your academic and professional experiences. More detail is required, so your CV can be up to ten pages long.

Unless you are applying for an academic or research position, your CV should be one to two pages long. This depends on the relevancy of your qualifications, such as your work history.

It is highly recommended that you include a cover letter with your CV. A cover letter helps you stand out among other applicants because it allows you to describe your qualifications in a unique and engaging way. Our CV maker includes a cover letter builder to help you write one in minutes.

A CV is broken up into five main sections:

  • Personal contact information
  • Personal statement
  • Work history
  • Education
  • Skills

Additional sections can be included if the information is relevant to your job application. For example, you can have a section on your CV for awards, certificates, and volunteer experiences.

The best CV format is the reverse chronological type because most recruiters and employers prefer it. Therefore, the reverse chronological CV is also the most ATS-friendly format.

Recruiters and employers prefer the reverse chronological CV format because it focuses on experience, which they highly value. Your work history provides tangible evidence of your qualifications, giving the reader more context and confidence in your abilities.

The best CV template is one that demonstrates your professionalism in a unique and engaging manner. Every industry has a different standard for their CV, but for any job, it needs to clearly communicate your qualifications while being easy to read and memorable. Check out our free CV examples and templates to get a sense of what a great CV looks like in 2023.



Conor McMahon, CPRW

Conor McMahon, CPRW

Content Writer

Conor is a Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) for He has over three years of professional writing experience as well as experience in professional development training. As a member of the Professional Association of Resume Writers & Career Coaches (PARWCC) Conor has written on career development topics ranging from resume and cover letter best practices, employer/employee communication, job seeking help, and more. He received his degree in Music Industry at Northeastern University and plays guitar in his free time.

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