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By professionals, for professionals

  • Our certified expert resume writers track job trends to ensure you have access to the latest resume suggestions.
  • Our talented designers partner with hiring experts to optimize each resume template.
  • Resumes are downloadable in multiple file formats and are optimized for applicant tracking systems (ATS).

Fast and easy

  • Our builder uses AI technology to speed up the process of generating your resume.
  • The combination of prompts and suggestions makes it easier for you to decide what you want to write.
  • Our built-in writing advice helps you personalize your resume to each unique job.

Built-in cover letter builder

  • Your Hloom account unlocks our cover letter builder too!
  • Our AI tool creates a persuasive letter template based on your past jobs and skills.
  • Create a resume and cover letter at the same time.

Free and affordable resume templates

  • We provide free resume templates and examples for those on a budget.
  • Our resume builder provides a premium service at an affordable price.
  • Sign up for our service and get the best professional services on the market.
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Resume Builder FAQ

Updated: August 29, 2023

A resume builder is a software tool that provides templates, formats, and other features to help you craft a resume. Most resume builders are found online and are easily accessible to many different users. With a resume builder, you can save yourself time and energy which means you can apply to jobs a lot sooner with a lot less stress.

Hloom has the best resume builder on the market. This is because our online tool provides:

  • Dozens of downloadable templates with popular designs sought by recruiters and hiring managers.
  • An easy-to-use interface that does most of the work for you.
  • Helpful questions and prompts to gather relevant information.
  • Both AI and human written suggestions.
  • Customizable features to personalize and tailor your resume.
  • Top-tier customer service to address any questions and concerns.
  • Access to all our resources, including additional resume examples, a cover letter builder, and educational tools.

At Hloom every premium and free resume template is ATS-friendly. Most companies and recruiters use some type of applicant tracking system (ATS) based on pre-determined criteria. Therefore it is very important that your resume is ATS-friendly, otherwise, it may be filtered out unnecessarily.

To use Hloom’s resume builder, you simply need to follow three easy steps:

  1. Pick a template: Select a template that helps you stand out as an excellent candidate.
  2. Share your work experience: With the help of prompts, auto-suggestions, and customizable features, you can make a resume that meets your needs.
  3. Download your resume: Once everything is good to go, simply download your resume in the file format of your choice, including PDF and DOC, and use it in Microsoft Word, Google Docs, or in any other environment.

You don’t have to worry about computer storage or speed — our resume builder is fully online. You don’t have to download or install any software on your computer.

Simply log into your Hloom account on any browser using any computer or mobile device, and start typing away.

Hloom provides free resume templates and free resume examples that can be downloaded at any time. Our resume builder is free to use, however, to get the most out of our services, we ask that you sign up for our monthly subscription which starts at $2.80.

A resume is a job application document that summarizes your qualifications for the desired position. This usually includes a list of previous work experience, with detailed examples of responsibilities and accomplishments, as well as sections devoted to contact information, relevant skills, education, certifications, and awards.

To make a resume you need to:

  1. Pick the right format: This is to make sure your qualifications are easily read by applicant tracking systems and hiring managers. The three main types of resume formats are:
    • Chronological
    • Functional
    • Combination
  2. Fill in your information: Most resumes have the following sections that need to be filled out:
    • Summary or objective statement
    • Contact information
    • Education
    • Work experience
    • Skills
  3. Proofread and edit: No resume is ready to go after the first draft. Take time to optimize your resume with buzzwords found in the job description, quantifiable achievements, and direct language that gets your message across quickly. Additionally, you need to correct any grammatical or spelling errors.

Clearly, creating a resume take a lot of time and effort. You can save yourself the stress by using our free resume builder to apply for jobs sooner.

Employers want to know from your resume if you are qualified for the job and would make a good cultural fit.

They look at your resume and ask:

  • Do you have experience? For example, if you apply for a sales job, an employer wants to see proof of your people skills and customer service experience on your resume.
  • Are you reliable? It can take months to find the best-qualified candidate. That’s why most hiring managers check your resume for long-term commitments to your previous jobs before they consider you.
  • Is your resume organized? None of the previous information matters if your resume is disorganized and difficult to understand. We auto-format every section of your resume so you can focus on how to find your next job.

Absolutely! Every job is unique and requires a specific set of skills and experience. It is your job to craft a unique resume that matches your professional abilities and accomplishments to the needs of each job.

We help you build a resume that lines up with each job, suggesting hundreds of skills and accomplishments for you to customize to your work experience.

It is highly recommended to include a cover letter with your resume. While not every hiring manager will read your cover letter, those who do say that a well-written cover letter played a significant role in their hiring decision.

A cover letter may increase your odds of landing a job because it gives you a chance to clarify and expand on the summarized accomplishments of your resume. When you sign up for our resume builder, you have access to our cover letter generator to help you craft the best one possible.



Conor McMahon, CPRW

Conor McMahon, CPRW

Content Writer

Conor is a Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) for He has over three years of professional writing experience as well as experience in professional development training. As a member of the Professional Association of Resume Writers & Career Coaches (PARWCC) Conor has written on career development topics ranging from resume and cover letter best practices, employer/employee communication, job seeking help, and more. He received his degree in Music Industry at Northeastern University and plays guitar in his free time.

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