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We’ve hired and picked the brains of countless recruiters and hiring managers to know what really matters when applying for a job. Our advice has helped millions of people create winning resumes and cover letters.

The Benefits of Using Hloom’s Builder

Our Resume Builder is a tool that shaves time off preparing your application so you can focus on your job search. It automates the process of creating a resume so that you build a document unique to you and custom-tailored to your industry.

Using our builder offers the following advantages:

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What People Say About Our Resume Builder

See for Yourself

We’ve worked with many designers and resume experts to come up with resume designs that are both easy-to-read and pleasing to the eye.

Check out some of the examples to see how sleek and well-groomed your resume could look:

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When it comes to job hunting, you have to strike when the iron is hot. There’s no time to waste because once the hiring manager sees a few appealing resumes, they are going to start making calls for interviews and discard the rest.

Don’t get left out!

That’s why you should create your resume today so that you don’t miss the opportunity to land the job that you desire.

Using our builder, you can have a resume ready in minutes.

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