How to Use Our Builder

Our Resume Builder shaves time off of preparing your application so you can focus on your job search. Our team of career advice experts and certified resume writers researched specific job requirements and created pre-written text for you to plug into your resume. You can easily edit a document unique to you and custom-tailored to impress recruiters and hiring managers at your next job. Our builder includes the following features:


Choose your template.

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Start a new resume or refurbish an old version.

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Fill in the prompts.

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Customize your resume sections to suit your needs.

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Personalize for each job application and submit.

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What We Hear About Our Resume Builder

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Monique P.
Found the service very professional and easy to use. Loved the final copy of my resume.
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Jimmie K.
I have always feared writing resumes because the format, look and feel were always so frustrating. This website allowed me to create a beautiful resume and cover letter, tailored to the job. I highly recommend to anyone who is interested in a professional resume to try this out.
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George T.
This is the best thing since sliced bread, and just as easy to butter! Thank you for such great (help) ideas. So professional, yet easy to lay out. Just need that certain phone call from a great employer !
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Nylah L.
Since I have poor computer skills, I absolutely love your program! It made creating a new resume simple! It looks very professional!! I've been recommending it to my co-workers and friends too. Thank you!!

Hloom is one of the most visited sites when it comes to job-hunting resources.

We’ve hired and picked the brains of countless recruiters and hiring managers to know what really matters when applying for a job. Our advice has helped millions of job seekers create winning resumes and cover letters. We received rave reviews from the following outlets.

Our Builder Puts Others to Shame

Using our builder offers the following advantages:

We offer a lot of value, but we stacked ourselves against similar resume tools. Check out how we compare against our competitors:

  • Resume Import
  • Design Templates
  • Pre-Written Text
  • Writing Tips
  • Text Formatting
  • Online Access
  • Unlimited Downloads
  • Cover Letter Builder
  • Premium Features

Additional Resume Features

Our Resume Builder helps you create a solid resume with optimized margins, resume structure and job-specific text suggestions. If you want to elevate your resume further, our site provides the following guides and tools to further improve your resume.

Supplement Your Resume With a Cover Letter

Your resume summarizes your accomplishments while your cover letter quantifies it. Even a modest resume can be elevated by the professional and personal connection that a cover letter allows.

Our Resume Builder features a complimentary cover letter tool that offers personalized cover letter suggestions and matching templates for a superior set of application documents.

For more, please see our Cover Letter Examples page.

FAQ About Our Builder

What are the best resume builder sites?

We wanted to help you with the best resume builder experience. As soon as we launched our resume builder, we decided to revisit all of our past competitors. As of June 2020, most of those sites no longer existed or had removed their online builders.

So, we buckled down and started researching. As you can see in the comparison tool above, we tracked down the most popular builders, tested each one against our nine criteria, compared them against our own resume tool, and walked away determined that our builder featured more add-on features than any of our competitors.

Where can I find a free resume builder?

Several of the resume builders we compared ourselves to run on a subscription model, including ourselves. However, we know that juggling a job search, a budget and subscribing to a tool when you’re unsure of the value can be a delicate act. Although we can’t offer a truly free resume builder, we did unlock one of our downloadable formats and made it free for you.

If you’re working on a desktop, click on the download menu near the top right-hand of the page and select the “Plain text (.txt)” option in the dropdown menu. You see a simpler version of your resume that you can design in your own style or use in partnership with one of our many free resume templates.

Can I also make a cover letter?

Yes, you can absolutely make yourself a cover letter to match your new resume. Our Resume Builder comes with a built-in cover letter generator that features matching templates that you can customize, and suggested letter content that meets your unique career history like skills, gaps in your resume, and which work environments best suit your personality.

Do I need to install anything on my computer?

Our Resume Builder runs entirely online. You can easily access your Hloom account, your resumes and your cover letters from any device or network without the need to install any software to your computer.

We do give you the option to download finalized documents to your computer or to email yourself this document, but we'll never ask you to download our entire resume building tool to your computer in order to enjoy it's full capabilities.

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