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Premium Modern CV Templates

Want to go for a modern modern design with your CV, then select a template from our selection below. Each one is ready to give your CV the innovative look you seek.

account_executive_CV_template_HLUse This Template



This template’s two columns visually balance the text with ample white space, while the large, navy blue header gives it a distinctly modern feel. A professional in writing or marketing would especially benefit from using this CV template.

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restaurant_manager_CV_template_HLUse This Template



Bold section headings and an oversized font for your name characterize this modern template.󠀲󠀦󠀢󠀣󠀨󠀥󠀳󠀰 Opt for this CV template if your name is an important part of your professional brand and include sections for grants, awards and additional relevant skills.

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marketing_manager_CV_template_HLUse This Template



This one-column curriculum vitae template leans more toward the simple side, however, a bold underline (with the option to change the color) below your name draws enough attention for someone like a marketing manager. Don't forget to add sections for industry awards or conference attendance and presentations to show you're invested in your profession.

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Free Modern CV Templates

Premium Creative CV Templates

Add a little character to your CV and pick a template that provides a creative design. These templates would be great for anyone looking to stand out from the crowd, especially those in marketing, sales, or web design.

actor_CV_template_HL (2)Use This Template



This CV template has a unique checkered layout that you can customize with your favorite color. Creative professionals, such as actors, will do well to include a section for awards, and additional skills sections for your dancing, acting and theater skills.

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graphic_designer_CV_template_HL (2)Use This Template



With matching header and section headings in your preferred color, this eye-catching CV template is an attractive option for creatives like graphic designers. Remember to add additional skills sections for your Photoshop, Illustrator and VR animation skills.

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graphic_designer_CV_template_remarkable_HLUse This Template



The use of a bold heading with inverse coloring, along with rectangular borders for each section heading, this CV template does a great job of being both interesting and easy to read. A great choice for architects and artists who have extensive portfolios.

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Free Creative CV Templates

Basic and Simple CV templates

A simple and basic CV template can sometimes be the best choice. If you are applying for a position in a more serious field, such as law or accounting, these formats will help you establish yourself as a preeminent candidate.

human_resources_manager_CV_template_HLUse This Template



This black and white CV template is as simple as it can get, with the contact information on the top-right corner to draw the eye to it. Someone like an HR manager could go for this template to highlight their interpersonal and professional skills in multiple sections and add a conference attendance section to showcase continuing education.

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registered_nurse_CV_template_HLUse This Template



A minimalist dotted line to separate the header from the rest of the CV sections is the only detail in this basic template. A registered nurse can opt for this curriculum vitae template and integrate additional skills sections plus a community outreach section to stand out from the applicant pool.

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accountant_CV_template_HLUse This Template



This one-column CV template has a minimal pop of color in the form of bullet points on the header. This sleek feel could work for an accountant, who might want to add various skills sections for bookkeeping and tax filing skills.

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Free Simple and Basic CV Templates

CV Templates for Academia, Medical, Scientific, and Federal Jobs

Although CVs are less common in the U.S. job market, there are some career tracks where employers expect to see a curriculum vitae. A CV offers a deeper insight into your professional interests and strengths, which is crucial for certain professions. If you find yourself in this situation, then a downloadable CV template is a great resource to use.

professor_CV_template_HLUse This Template

Academic CV Template


Careers in traditional academic institutions such as four-year colleges often require a CV, especially if you’re pursuing a competitive tenure-track position. The dedicated teaching experience section, conference presentations and attendance section and publications section provide more information about your academic credentials than a simple one-page resume.

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medical_researcher_CV_Template_HLUse This Template

Medical CV Template


Professionals in the medical field such as doctors, nurses, therapists and more usually boast an extensive education and experience. In a competitive job market, a resume with limited sections won't impact as much as a CV that highlights research experience, conference presentations, community outreach and professional affiliations.

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federal_template_HLUse This Template

Federal CV Template


Unlike the previously mentioned career paths, federal jobs don’t explicitly ask for a CV. These applications ask for federal resumes that share a similar format to a CV while requiring many of the same personal details you find on the Europass CV.

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How To Use Our CV Templates

  1. Add custom sections: In addition to the standard CV sections, you must add custom sections to showcase all your relevant professional information. The CV is a document where you should let your personality and interests shine through. Take the liberty to mention special projects, volunteer work or even hobbies. Learn about all the potential CV sections you can include , with our CV writing guide.

  2. Tailor it to your desired role: Despite a CV being more flexible regarding the amount and type of information you can share, you should always carefully choose the information to fit the desired job’s requirements. Don’t simply talk about yourself; study the job description and tailor your skills, achievements and other experiences to match the employer’s needs for the role.

  3. Diversify your skills: One of the benefits of using a CV is that you can have multiple skills sections to fully showcase your diverse skill set. Make sure you have a balanced mix of soft, hard and technical skills.

  4. Include quantifiable achievements: When listing your work history, research experience or teaching experience, you should add a couple of bullet points per role that describe impressive accomplishments. Maximize this information by adding quantifiable metrics, such as percentage increases in team productivity, the number of colleagues managed, or the number of successful experiments.

  5. Check for grammatical errors: A CV can be a lengthy document, and it’s not uncommon to miss a typo or grammatical error. Use a spell-checker, like the one in our Builder, or have a professional copywriter revise your CV before you submit it.

CV Resources

We hand-picked our most popular cv templates because of their sleek designs, easy customization and versatility for any role or industry.

How to write a CV: Learn what is a CV (Curriculum Vitae) and how to write one with our simple guide and templates.

CV Examples: Browse our collection of over 100 curriculum vitae templates you can use for any role, international job opportunity, or academic position.

CV Template FAQ

Updated: February 01, 2024

The best CV template to use is one that is easy to fill in your information and easy to read. Our free and premium templates are some of the best you will find for these very resumes. Within minutes you can customize a personal CV to meet your needs.

To write a CV with a template, you need to make sure you customize it with your personal and professional information. Additionally, you can move sections around, or delete ones entirely, based on your objectives. A CV template is simply a guiding format that saves you time, but do not feel like you need to strictly follow its setup.

Yes, CV templates are absolutely good to use and are acceptable by most employers. This is because a CV template is an effective use of planning and execution, which are skills highly valued in many organisations.

The average length of a CV is two to three pages, although your document might be longer or shorter depending on your information. You might have a longer list of publications or more research experience, which would make your CV significantly longer. Unlike the resume, which should never exceed two pages unless you have more than 20 years of experience or are applying for an executive position, the CV doesn’t have strict page requirements.

As you can see, the CV has far more specialized sections than a standard U.S. resume. However, you shouldn’t include irrelevant information in your CV. Although a CV has additional sections dedicated to professional work, academic research, and teaching experience, this does not mean you should include every job or task you’ve held. Much like the resume, you should only include information relevant to a job’s role and responsibilities.

Unlike a standard U.S. resume, a CV includes multiple sections that offer you more opportunities to shine. You should include the following skills in your CV sections.

  • Key skills: Include soft skills such as communication, negotiation, and organizational skills in this section, as well as hard skills related to your desired role.
  • Research skills: Include research project skills such as data collection, sample management or preservation, and observational skills.
  • Language skills: Include every language you’re familiar with and rate your fluency based on your speaking, reading, and writing proficiency.
  • Digital skills: Include technical skills such as knowledge of HTML or programming languages, basic IT skills, or advanced certifications such as Kanban or Scrum.

Although CV and resume formats do share some similarities, they are drastically different. The resume is a shorter, compact document that is highly popular and widely used in the U.S. The CV is longer, more detailed, and is widely used in international job searches, with a few exceptions to some U.S.-based jobs in academia, medicine, and scientific research.



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