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    Pairing your resume with a powerful cover letter can make a great impression, get you noticed and hired. And that's why we wholeheartedly recommend you doing it. But, yeah, we know its no easy task. Even for seasoned job seekers, writing an effective cover letter can be a challenge. But don't worry, because Hloom is here to help you.

    Our builder is designed to easily guide you step by step to create a professional cover letter in minutes. Quickly edit, personalize, and download. Learn more about how our builder can help you.

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How the Cover Letter Builder Works

Our online builder makes it easy to create a letter. We ask about the job posting, your experience and your strengths; then we create a rough draft that summarizes why you're the ideal candidate!

Add some flourish with a few tweaks and edits and you have a ready-made cover letter, in a professional layout, ready to submit with your job application.

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Create a Job-Winning Cover Letter in Minutes

Our professional and award-winning builder provides a fully formed draft in a few clicks.

Easily edit the most important letter sections:

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  • 3Introduction
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  • 4Letter Body
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    Our cover letter templates take the headache out of formatting. You get:

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