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Our Cover Letter Builder helps you save time preparing your application materials. We do the heavy lifting for you and help phrase your career achievements in the best possible light to catch the attention of recruiters. It may be easy for you to remember what you’ve accomplished, but very hard to put into words that a hiring manager or recruiter can quickly understand.

Our certified resume writers give you fully-written and ready-to-publish paragraphs that appeal to those with the power to hire you. Simply fill in the blanks, and you’re ready to impress.


Fill in your name and choose a template.

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Tell us about the open job role.

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Follow the prompts.

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Fill in the remaining blanks.

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Personalize your letter to each job description and submit.

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See who’s Raving Over Our Templates

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Marissa D.
It is a great tool that you can build on and personalize to create your own perfect cover letter.
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Adrian P.
Excellent service, various products, easy to use, helped me get the job I wanted. When I go to cancel, no hassles, easy communication, fast, efficient — good company this!
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Monique N.
A great service to use — I found that it was easy to create a cover letter and resume. Also, they have excellent customer service.
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Jason W.
This company is great for creating a resume or a cover letter when seeking employment. I spoke with Sally and she was excellent and assisted me with great knowledge.

Hloom is one of the most visited sites when it comes to templates and job-hunting resources.

Our staff includes certified resume writers and career advice experts — we collaborate with countless recruiters, hiring managers and career advisers to focus on what matters when you apply to a job. Our advice and online tools have helped millions of job seekers create effective cover letters and interview-winning resumes. We won rave reviews from the following outlets:

How Else Can This Builder Help Me?

  • Choose from dozens of customizable templates.
  • The automated process lets you focus on yourself.
  • Click and move paragraphs where they’re best.
  • Add or delete sections as needed.
  • Suggested paragraphs for career gaps or layoffs.

Wrap Up Your Whole Application

Our Cover Letter Builder pairs with a mighty Resume Builder, and provides job seekers the following features to create winning job application materials:

Wrap Up Your Whole Application
  • Premium matching templates to our resumes
  • Suggested job content written by certified resume writers
  • Easily edit your resume layout
  • The ability to save multiple copies under your subscription
Wrap Up Your Whole Application

FAQ About Our Builder

What is the best cover letter builder?

We genuinely believe that our Cover Letter Builder is the best in the industry. You can find all of the following features:

However, we also understand if you need to pick and choose the features that best suit you. We conducted extensive research, tested out our leading competitors, and shared our builder breakdown information under the comparison tool in our Resume Builder page.

How can I make a cover letter for free?

Our Cover Letter Builder features multiple download formats: Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word docx., SVG format, and our free Plain Text format.

To save your free cover letter, click the Download drop-down menu near the top of the right-hand menu, and choose the “Plain Text” option.

Do I need a cover letter?

Often, job seekers think that their resume is a mandatory document, while a cover letter is optional. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Your resume and cover letter function at a partnership — one document supports and uplifts the other. Your cover letter establishes an important, personal connection with the job’s hiring manager.

How do I write a unique cover letter?

Our Cover Letter Builder walks you through every step of personalizing your cover letter. You choose from a variety of different skills, work styles, experience levels and dedicated tasks to ensure that you tailor your letter uniquely to your professional background.

Since we offer multiple ways to combine these topics, no one letter is the same.

How do you start and end a cover letter?

Our builder auto-selects the most influential introduction and ending for your cover letter based on the information that you share. However, you can click each section and scroll through multiple pre-written paragraphs until you find the perfect statement that reflects both your voice, personality and experience.

If you’d like to further edit, you can also visit our Cover Letter Writing Guide. Our certified resume writers give detailed instructions on how to craft and personalize each section of your letter, provide examples of poor, good and great paragraphs, and offer suggestions on what kind of personal information to include in your letter.

The writing guide, combined with our builder tool, can help you get a head-start on your fellow applicants.

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