100+ Free Resume Templates for Download in 2023

Browse dozens of popular, proven, and free resume templates. Add pre-written professional skills, customize your design, and download in the format you need..

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Proven and Popular Resume Templates

We hand-picked our most popular resume templates because of their sleek designs, easy customization and versatility for any role or industry.

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I. Professional Resume Templates

Professional templates mean business. Candidates applying for senior positions in construction, sales, information technology, and pharmaceutical industries will find a great selection of premium and free resume templates in this collection.

Premium Professional resume templates

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Free downloadable Professional resume templates

II. Modern Resume Templates

Our Modern resume templates have professional and sleek designs perfect for positions in real estate, health care, or the culinary industry.

Premium Modern resume templates

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Free downloadable Modern resume templates

III. Creative Resume Templates

Applicants in industries like design, the arts, photography, or entertainment can showcase their creativity through our unique collection of 40+ Creative resume templates.

Premium Creative resume templates

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Free downloadable Creative resume templates

IV. Basic Resume Templates

Get the right job with our Basic resume templates. Straightforward yet sophisticated, our designs are perfect for more traditional industries such as legal, banking, finance, real estate, and health care.

Premium Basic resume templates

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Free downloadable Basic resume templates

V. Contemporary Resume Templates

Our Contemporary resume templates offer two- or three-column resume designs ideal for competitive and experienced applicants in copywriting, marketing, statistics, and more.

Premium Contemporary resume templates

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Free downloadable contemporary resume templates

VI. Simple Resume Templates

Our Simple resume templates with streamlined designs and subtle colors are appropriate for diverse roles in administration, accounting, retail, education, and more.

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Free downloadable Simple resume templates

VII. One-Page Resume Templates

These compact and practical One-page resume templates are the golden standard for every job. They are particularly ideal for applying to companies with a high volume of candidates, such as national retailers, big financial firms, or fast food restaurants.

Premium One-page resume templates

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Free downloadable One-Page resume templates

VIII. ATS Resume Templates

ATS resume templates are meticulously designed to bypass applicant tracking systems, which is ideal when applying for jobs online. All our premium resume templates are ATS-friendly; here are some of our most popular ones.

Popular ATS-Friendly resume templates

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Free ATS-Friendly resume templates

IX. Google Docs Resume Templates

If you prefer to build your resume with Google Workspace, these Google docs resume templates can be uploaded seamlessly onto the platform so that you can edit and share them through Google Drive, Gmail, and more.

Premium Google Docs resume templates

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Free downloadable Google Docs resume templates

X. Microsoft Resume Templates

If you’re using Microsoft Word to build your resume, these Microsoft resume templates will come in handy if you want to avoid glitches and formatting issues.

Premium Microsoft Word resume templates

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Free downloadable Microsoft Word resume templates

The Best Resume DIY Tools

Applying for a job can be daunting – but you can simplify the process by approaching it step-by-step. Write your resume, format it, edit it (if necessary), and submit it. To help you through each step, we have collected our favorite resume-writing tools and guides to make this a real DIY job-seeking project.


Properly organized columns and paragraph breaks can enhance a resume design and improve readability. Most employers use an ATS to automate resume processing. It can determine if your resume will be processed or be discarded before a hiring manager even sees it. We make designing your resume foolproof with a vast library of free and downloadable resume templates. From simple designs that are well-suited to traditional industries like banking and law, to modern and contemporary resumes that appeal to startups and companies in the tech and creative industries, we have created over 400 free templates that can help elevate your resume.

While you may have a general layout in mind, it is important to know how to structure it well. As with most learning experiences, it is best learned through example. Get an idea of what you should include with our select library of resume examples. We showcase examples of popular job titles across multiple industries ranging from accounting, customer service, engineering, and more. These documents can help you understand what applicants with similar backgrounds as yours showcase when they apply for jobs in the same industry. Understanding and mirroring the language used in these examples will help solidify your position as a strong candidate.

Resume formats are crucial in allowing an ATS to determine if your resume reaches a hiring manager. While there are various ways to craft it, we have identified three resume formats that benefit different job seekers. Our resume templates guide breaks down each resume by its strengths and weaknesses to help you find your perfect match. Whether you’re a recent graduate or a career professional with multiple years of experience, we have resume formats for everyone.

We have created a complete “How to Write a Resume” guide that will act as your step-by-step resource to build each section of your resume. Our professional writing tips could help you avoid critical errors that can automatically disqualify your resume for consideration by a hiring manager. With our easy-to-follow advice, we will help you make the best use of our resume templates and examples.

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Resume Builder

Say goodbye to glitchy column formats, restrictive text space for your work history and accomplishments, or complicated downloads. We help you cross the resume finish line with a premium tool covering all the above. Our Resume Builder offers dozens of customizable resume templates to help you personalize your applications; it suggests recruiter-approved content for thousands of different job positions to help you through every chapter of your career and auto-formats all of your resume content for you.


Why Use Our Resume Templates?

First impressions count when it comes to applying for a job. Even something as simple as a font can decide between your resume and others, so you should take advantage of our professionally designed premium and free resume templates.

Our pre-formatted resume templates offer the following benefits:

Resume Templates
Save on time: With these resume templates, you don’t need to develop a color scheme or determine how to fit your paragraphs into one page. Just go straight into adding your professional information, and you’re done!
Resume Templates
Good designs: A well-crafted design can do wonders for your resume – but not everyone is an expert designer. You can use our large collection of resume templates for free or browse our premium templates for a resume that looks sleek and professional.
Resume Templates
Convenience: With the click of a button, you can download our resume templates, edit them in computer programs like Microsoft Word or Google Docs, and save them as .doc or .pdf. Avoid formats not recommended by HRs or not optimized for ATS.
Resume Templates
ATS-friendly: Our resume templates are professionally designed to overcome negative flags from applicant tracking systems. You can be sure ATS will easily scan the formatting of our templates so they can focus on your impressive professional information.

Create a Resume Using Our Builder in 3 Simple Steps

Hloom’s Resume Builder is the most convenient tool to write your resume. Follow these three steps if you want a professional resume in no time:

Login into our Builder and let us know your desired job and years of experience so that we can recommend an appropriate template. Then, pick the resume template that best suits your style.
Resume Templates
Let our Builder do the work for you. Choose from our selection of pre-written content, phrases, and resume skills to fill in your resume sections. If you need extra help personalizing it, look for your job title on our resume examples page to use as a guide.
Resume Templates
Easily change the template's color combinations, fonts, and margins to ensure your resume template looks polished, and download it in the file format you prefer: pdf, doc, jpg, and more. Now you're more than ready to apply and ace that interview!
Resume Templates

Resume Templates for Different Jobs

You can also find the perfect resume template by browsing the templates for the job you’re applying for. Check out these job titles to find a collection of free resume templates appropriate for the role you want.

Resume Resources

We hand-picked our most popular resume templates because of their sleek designs, easy customization and versatility for any role or industry.

Resume Resources
  • How to write a resume: Learn how to write a resume that will get you your dream job.
  • How to write a resume with no experience: No job experience? No problem! Learn to write a resume if you have little to no previous work experience.
  • How to format a resume: Learn how to easily make an eye catching resume in Microsoft Word format with our video guides.
  • Resume examples: Hloom’s resume examples—organized by industry and job title, and paired with one-page writing tips—show you how to generate a unique, eye-catching resume in no time.

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Updated: May 10, 2023

Resume experts have narrowed down three standard resume formats: chronological, functional, and combination.

The chronological format is the most common resume format and lists your work experience from most recent to oldest. Candidates who want to highlight their long, consistent work history should consider this format.

The functional format highlights your skills and is ideal if you have limited work experience or gaps in your work history but have strong skills you want to showcase.

Meanwhile, the combination format is ideal for people that want a career change since a combination resume balances the focus between your skills and your work history.

You could benefit by comparing each resume format and deciding which one is right for you.

While employment rates were greatly affected this past year, a well-written resume remains your best tool for tackling the job search in 2023. Yet the big question looms: How do you deal with gaps in your work experience within your resume?

You can take advantage of different resume formats to sway attention away from the time you spent without employment and emphasize your strengths instead. The functional resume focuses on specific skills rather than gaps in employment. On the other hand, the chronological resume will make those gaps in your work history more obvious.

Another great addition to your application toolkit is a Cover letter. This document allows you to address gaps in your resume by explaining your particular situation professionally. We also offer some help in that department with our Cover Letter Builder, which automatically writes a full-page letter based on the information you provide. It's quick, easy, and efficient.

Templates make writing a resume much more accessible and easy to read and can help you create an ATS-friendly resume.

ATS is an applicant tracking system, a software program, that evaluates resumes before they reach a hiring manager. This system will flag typos, relevant keywords, and even weird fonts. A poorly written and formatted resume will raise many red flags and immediately be discarded. With our pre-formatted resume templates, any software or human being will easily read your resume.

There is no one-size-fits-all resume. The best resume templates are the one that works best for you, and that will depend on your particular work history and skills.

On this page, you will find free resume templates to suit any style, whether you're looking for a more serious professional resume or one that's modern or creative. Besides choosing a resume by style, you can select resumes by their format: chronological, functional, or combination.

Browsing through job titles or career situations is another effective way to pick the best resume template for you. So if you're applying for an entry-level position, such as an internship, or if you have no previous experience, we have templates for you.

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