50+ Best Resume Templates For 2024 (Free & Premium Downloads)

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Our Best Professional Resume Templates

Check out our template pages that offer unique formats and designs so that you can find the style that suits you best:

  1. Modern Resume Templates

  2. Creative Resume Templates

  3. Basic Resume Templates

  4. Google Docs Resume Templates

  5. Microsoft Word Resume Templates

Don’t hesitate. We have premium and free resume templates that can be used for most jobs!

Why Our Resume Templates?

What makes our resume templates some of the best you’ll find online? Aside from the help you’ll receive from our career experts and Certified Professional Resume Writers (CPRW), our professional templates offer benefits to jobseekers such as:

  • ATS-Friendly Resume Templates: Our resumes are formatted to be effectively read by applicant tracking systems (ATS), ensuring your qualifications are properly scanned and ranked by employers.

  • Google Docs and Microsoft Word Compatible: Our resume templates work seamlessly with both Google Docs and Microsoft Word, offering you greater flexibility when creating your resume.

  • Templates for Any Situation: Regardless of your industry or profession, we offer resume templates that suit your needs, from the simple and basic to the exciting and creative.

  • Time-Saving Designs: With our premade resume templates, you don’t need to worry about the layout. Simply focus on highlighting your best qualifications and save valuable time.

  • Engaging and Professional: Hloom provides dozens of unique resume templates designed to catch the eye of recruiters and employers while effectively showcasing your skills and experience.

  • Free Resume Templates: On a budget? Download one of our free resume templates that still offer expertly made designs, helping you stand out to potential employers.

Experience the quality of Hloom’s templates yourself.

Try one of our free resume templates or visit our online resume builder to easily and quickly make a resume. Start today and take the next step in your career.

Modern Resume Templates

Try our modern resume templates, which provide a sleek look and show that you are up to date with the latest recruiting trends.

premium-personal-assistant-resume-templateUse This Template



Bold coloring around the contact header and a touch of design for your initials, with well-organized whitespace give this resume a classic contemporary feel.

Use this Template
premium-restaurant-manager-resume-templateUse This Template



The well-organized sections and soft colors in the header make this template perfect for letting your qualifications take center stage on the page.

Use this Template
premium-architect-resume-templateUse This Template



The whitespace created by indentations provides a pleasantly professional reading experience with modern aesthetics.

Use this Template



This modern free resume template includes an option to add a headshot, helping employers quickly put a face to your name.




One of our most popular free resume templates! With pleasant shades of blue, your resume stands out without distracting from your skills and experience.




An aptly named modern resume template, this layout is a straightforward design that clearly organizes your skills and experience into a traditional, yet chic, format.


Creative Resume Templates

Show off your creative side with these resume templates, perfect for outside-the-box thinkers, artists, and professionals in expressive industries like arts and entertainment.

makeup-artist-resume-templateUse This Template



Featuring a colorful header and clearly marked sections, this template combines professionalism and creativity with an easy-to-read design.

Use this Template
software-engineer-original-functional-resume-exampleUse This Template



This template uses shaded colors and a grid layout to let you express yourself professionally and creatively in an exceptional manner.

Use this Template



With a center-oriented design and space for a professional headshot, this creative resume template ensures your resume stands out. It’s a perfect example of why our free resume templates are some of the best online!

construction-worker-charismatic-functional-resume-exampleUse This Template



As it says in the name, this charming resume template brings out a little charisma by coloring your last name and placing your contact info in a bold black line across the top.

Use this Template
video-producer-standout-comb-resume-exampleUse This Template



Stand out with this outstanding creative resume template filled with life. Bright colors, circular patterns, and line down the left margin all help to bring out your best!

Use this Template

Basic Resume Templates

Keep things simple with a basic resume template. Due to their professional design, these templates are great for a wide range of roles and opportunities.

medical-assistant-resume-templateUse This Template



A perfect example of why our resume templates are some of the best online. With basic divisions and a touch of color, this resume is simple yet effective in communicating your qualifications.

Use this Template
business-analyst-resume-templateUse This Template



Emphasize your skills and experience with this professional template that clearly lays out your qualifications.

Use this Template



One of our best free resume templates, designed with a basic approach, making it perfect for any job application.




Well-placed whitespace helps draw attention quickly to your qualifications on this free resume template.


Goldfish Bowl


Different indentations make this free template simple yet effective in making your resume stand out.


Google Doc Resume Templates

Try one of our premium or free Google Docs resume templates, compatible with Drive, Gmail, Workspace, and other account features. Accessible online, these templates are perfect for working from multiple devices or locations!

office-manager-resume-templateUse This Template



Here is a professional Google Docs resume template with a clean contact header that directs the reader’s attention to your best attributes.

Use this Template
web-designer-resume-templateUse This Template



Embrace a retro look with this charismatic Google Docs template. It offers a unique aesthetic with a clear typeface and purposeful margins.

Use this Template
recruiter-resume-templateUse This Template



Find the perfect balance between design and content with this resume. Colorful headings and a unique border margin complement the abundant whitespace, highlighting your skills and experience.

Use this Template

Block Step


Geometric patterns guide the reader’s eye, making this free resume template ideal for any candidate.




Compatible with Google Docs, this versatile template features simple colors and thin lines, suitable for any profession.


Button Down


Keep your resume organized and tidy with this template, ensuring you clearly communicate all your relevant qualifications.


Microsoft Word Resume Templates

If you’re using Microsoft Word to build your resume, these resume templates will simplify the process, offering some of the best professional designs available.

bank-teller-resume-templateUse This Template



This resume makes a strong impressions thanks to dark borders and bold text that draw attention to your qualifications.

Use this Template
customer-service-rep-resume-templateUse This Template



Here is a resume template for Word that highlight your best professional skills and experience with a classic balance of whitespace and color.

Use this Template



Make a bold impact with this free resume template, turning your resume into an artistic statement with its engaging design.


Icons and Bullets


This free Word resume template effectively uses columns and graphics to showcase your qualifications in a unique and memorable way.

restaurant-server-insightful-chronological-resume-exampleUse This Template



This is a great resume template to use for any profession thanks to the mixture of traditional and creative aesthetics that keep the focus on your most relevant qualifications.

Use this Template

Professional Resume Templates

Our professional resume templates meet the highest standards. With Hloom, you can be confident your resume shows you are a serious candidate.

paralegal-professional-resume-templateUse This Template



This resume design is the gold standard for any serious professional. Subtle coloring complements a traditional list of qualifications.

Use this Template
tax-preparer-executive-resume-templateUse This Template



Make a statement with this resume template, designed to highlight your skills and experiences without distractions.

Use this Template

Business Minded


A great free resume template for professionals who want to demonstrate their commitment to quality work.


Simple Red


Straightforward with a hint of creativity, this resume template balances business with class.


All the Information


An excellent professional resume template that’s easy to read and easy to use!


Helping Job Seekers Like You

Additional Resume Template Formats

Our templates, especially our free resumes, are popular with students and recent graduates, so whether you are a seasoned worker or an entry-level candidate, we have the resumes that are here to help you.

  1. High school student resume templates. High school students will want to especially take a look at our amazing collection of free templates to help them get their first job.

  2. Internship resume templates. Finding an internship is never easy, but with our internship resume templates, we can help make the process go as smoothly as possible.

  3. College resume templates. When you’re in college and need a resume, look no further than here for effective templates that get you on the path to success.

  4. Contemporary resume templates. Stay up to date with the latest trends with our contemporary templates that pop right off the page!

  5. ATS resume templates. If you want to be absolutely sure your resume is ATS compatible, then these are the templates for you.

  6. One-page resume templates. Keep your resume one page long with these easy-to-use templates that work best for recent grads and entry-level candidates.

Tips On How To Choose A Resume Template

With so many resume templates to choose from, how do you pick the best one? It can be overwhelming! But don’t worry, we have your back so that you make sure you pick the one that is perfect for you.

  • Pick a format. You start writing your resume by choosing a format. There are three main types of resume formats, each one comes with its benefits and drawbacks:

    • Chronological. This resume format focuses on the job experience. You list your most current work experience, followed by your previous experiences.

      The chronological resume is a very popular format with recruiters and employers who value work history that validates a candidates skills and demonstrates their specific value. Therefore, we recommend using it in most cases.

    • Functional. This resume format focuses on job skills. If you don’t have a lot of experience, are switching careers, or have many gaps in your resume, a functional resume can help you highlight your transferable skills and show that you are passionate about the position.

    • Combination. As the name suggests, this combines the formats of chronological and functional resumes to strike a balance between skills and experience.

      A combination resume can be a great choice for those with limited experience who still want to provide employers their work history.

  • Know your audience. Not all resumes are created equal! Different industries and employers have different expectations.

    A more creative template can be appropriate for graphic design positions, while a more professional template may be a better choice when applying to a traditionally conservative industry such as law or banking.

  • When in doubt, keep it simple. There’s nothing wrong with a basic resume template. In fact, as long as your resume is easy to read and underscores your value, a simple resume might be your best choice when you are not sure about your audience’s expectations.

  • Play to your strengths. When you pick a template, make sure it reflects your professional personality. Send a message that speaks to your interests, skills, and experience. Don’t try to be someone you’re not!

  • Ask for feedback.It can always be helpful to ask for a second opinion. Use our resume builder and easily download a professional resume template.

    Then you can show the different designs to friends, family, coworkers, and other people you trust to see which resume is best for you.

Resume Templates FAQ

Updated: June 28, 2024

A resume is like your professional highlight reel used when applying for jobs. It’s a document that shows your work experience, skills, education, and any other relevant qualifications that show why you would make a great employee.

Think of it as your personal pitch to employers, telling them why you’re the star player they need on their team.

A resume template is a pre-designed document that provides a structured format for creating a resume. It includes sections for your contact information, work experience, education, skills, and other relevant details.

Templates help streamline the resume creation process by offering a professional layout and design.

Yes, we offer plenty of free resume templates! Simply look for the “free” label or sort by “free”.

Our free resume templates are easy to download and provide you with a basic format that you can add your personal qualifications to.

Using a resume template saves time and ensures your resume has a professional appearance. Templates are designed to be ATS-friendly, making it easier for applicant tracking systems to scan and rank your qualifications.

They also help you organize your information in a clear, logical manner, making it easier for employers to read.

The best resume templates are easy to read and highlight your strengths. That being said, a good resume template also matches your industry and the job you’re applying for while reflecting your unique personality and value as an employee.

For a corporate job, something clean and professional is the way to go. If you’re creative, a template with a bit of flair might stand out more.

Choose a resume template that matches the industry and job you are applying for. For creative roles, opt for a template with unique design elements.

For more traditional roles, select a clean, straightforward template. Ensure the template highlights your strengths and aligns with the job description.

Yes, you can use a resume template for any job, but it’s important to choose a template that is appropriate for the industry and position.

Customize the template to emphasize the skills and experiences that are most relevant to the job you’re applying for.

Yes, our resume templates are ATS-friendly! Designed by career experts with the help of Certified Professional Resume Writers (CPRW), we format our resumes so that the can by scanned by most applicant tracking systems.

When you use our resume builder, you have the option to download your resume in the format of your choice, which additionally helps with the ATS process.

The golden rule is one page for early-career applicants and up to two pages if you have more than ten years of experience. It’s all about quality over quantity.

Keep it concise and focus on your most impressive accomplishments that are relevant to the job in question.

Your resume should include contact information, a summary statement or objective, work experience, education, skills, and any relevant achievements or awards.

Tailor this content to highlight what makes you a fantastic fit for the job you’re eyeing.

Generally, your resume should go back about 10-15 years. This timeframe keeps your experience relevant and current.

If you have important work beyond that, consider how it aligns with your current career goals and if it’s worth mentioning.

It is generally best to submit your resume in PDF format to keep the formatting intact across different computers.

However, if the job posting specifically asks for a Word document, follow those instructions. Always play by the rules of the job posting, and consider how the format you choose will be read.

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  • How to write a resume with no experience: No job experience? No problem! Learn to write a resume if you have little to no previous work experience.

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  • Resume examples: Hloom’s resume examples—organized by industry and job title, and paired with one-page writing tips—show you how to generate a unique, eye-catching resume in no time.


Conor McMahon, CPRW
Conor McMahon, CPRW
Content Writer

Conor is a Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) for Hloom.com. He has over three years of professional writing experience as well as experience in professional development training. As a member of the Professional Association of Resume Writers & Career Coaches (PARWCC) Conor has written on career development topics ranging from resume and cover letter best practices, employer/employee communication, job seeking help, and more. He received his degree in Music Industry at Northeastern University and plays guitar in his free time.

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