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Download a modern resume template today and show employers how you can be both unique and professional. Our modern resume examples stay up to date with the latest trends to help you stand out as a preeminent job candidate!

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teachers-aide-acclaimed-chronological-resume-exampleUse This Template


Strike a balance between timeless elegance and contemporary flair. With a subtle pop of color, this template showcases your experience without overwhelming your achievements.

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HighschoolTeacher_Accentuate_CombDUse This Template


Infuse your resume with a touch of innovation and tradition. Dynamic colors and strategic spacing effortlessly direct attention to your core strengths.

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Registered_Nurse_Insightful_ChronologicalUse This Template


Guide your story with clarity. Organized sections and a pleasing layout lead the reader through your experience, creating an engaging narrative.

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Accountant Chronological Resume TemplateDownload

Personal Brand

Oversized initial crest with forest-green background and a one-column format with green coloring for section borders and key title make this free resume template a great choice for all!

barback-esteemed-chronological-resume-exampleUse This Template


Embrace modern trends with confidence. This template's contemporary style aligns perfectly with current business aesthetics, reflecting your up-to-date approach.

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medical-assistant-contempo-resume-templateUse This Template


Experience minimalist charm in harmony with geometry. This template's subtle layout adds a touch of sophistication to your qualifications, creating a unique blend of style and professionalism.

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doctor-modern-resume-example-heroUse This Template


Embrace vibrancy with professionalism. Striking colors and bold sections add a touch of flair without compromising on clarity, making a lasting impression.

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Graphic Designer Chronological Resume TemplateUse This Template


Make all your great strengths pop with this free professional resume template set in blue fonts, backgrounds and borderlines, while a splash of red highlights the dates.

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Exude leadership in style. Columned design and expert use of color divide your qualifications for easy navigation, showcasing your executive prowess.


How To Choose The Perfect Modern Resume Template

At Hloom we’ve made it easy for you to handpick the ideal modern resume template that fits your needs. If you’re unsure which template suits you best, follow these straightforward steps and feel confident about your choice!

  • Select a Format: Your resume's format sets the stage for your professional story. Opt for one that aligns with your experience and aspirations:

    • Chronological: The chronological, or reverse-chronological resume is the most common and ATS-friendly format that emphasizes your work history, making it an excellent choice for showcasing your career progression.

    • Functional: Also known as the skills-based format, the functional resume format spotlights your skillset. While not the most ATS-friendly, it can be perfect for those entering the job market or changing careers.

    • Combination: The combination resume format strikes a balance between experience and skills. Great for career changers or individuals with employment gaps.

  • Know Your Field: Different industries have distinct preferences. Choose a template that resonates with your target job's culture and expectations. For example, a traditional industry might lean towards a polished look, while a creative field could appreciate a hint of innovation in your design.

  • ATS-Friendly Techniques: Many employers use Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to streamline the hiring process. Keep your resume ATS-friendly by avoiding complex graphics, images, and tables that might confuse the system. Simple is key.

  • Capitalize on Your Strengths: Your resume should tell your professional story authentically. Pick a template that complements your strengths and highlights your qualifications.

  • Seek Feedback: A fresh perspective can be invaluable. Share your chosen template with a friend, mentor, or colleague to gather insights that can help fine-tune your resume.

  • Have Options Ready: Keep your approach versatile with multiple templates. Our resume builder gives you access to a diverse collection of free and premium modern resume templates, ensuring you're always prepared for any opportunity.

Choosing the right modern resume template is the first step toward crafting a compelling and impactful resume. Trust your instincts and our expertly curated collection to help you stand out in the competitive job market. Begin your journey towards a modern and effective resume today!

Modern Resume Template: Pros and Cons

While a modern resume template offers numerous advantages, it’s essential to be mindful of potential disadvantages. Equipping yourself with an understanding of both the benefits and challenges will empower you to make a well-informed decision about integrating modern design into your resume.

Modern Resume Template Pros
  • Sleek and contemporary design. The templates feature a modern and stylish look.

  • Easy to read and visually appealing. The use of columns, colors and distinct borders around each section makes it very easy for hiring managers to quickly scan and find your professional information.

  • Saves time with pre-designed layouts.. With a ready made template, you save time writing your resume, which means you can apply to jobs faster.

  • Multipurpose and adaptable across industries. Thanks to their professional format, modern resumes can be used for almost any job application.

Modern Resume Template Cons
  • Some employers might prefer traditional formats. Although modern resumes are adaptable, you can't always guarantee that your employer will find it acceptable.

  • Limited customization for unique branding. When using any template, you are working within its framework. Thankfully at Hloom, our resume builder provides you the opportunity to make adjustments to solidify your brand.

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Modern Resume Template FAQ

Updated: December 01, 2023

A modern resume template is a pre-designed format that gives your resume a fresh and contemporary look, often featuring bold fonts, creative layouts, and innovative design elements that catch the eye of potential employers.

Modern resume templates can help your resume stand out visually, making a strong first impression on employers and reflecting your up-to-date skills and professionalism, giving you a competitive edge in the job market.

While modern templates are versatile, some traditional industries might prefer more classic formats. It's a good idea to consider the norms of your field when choosing a template that strikes the right balance between modern design and industry expectations.

Yes, our modern templates offer customization options, allowing you to adjust colors, fonts, and even layout elements to align with your personal branding and unique preferences.

Our modern templates are designed with ATS compatibility in mind, but it's wise to format templates that maintain a balance between modern design and ATS friendliness to ensure that your resume is effectively scanned and parsed by these systems.

Consider your industry, the impression you want to make, and the role you're applying for. If a modern and visually appealing presentation suits your goals, a modern template might be a good choice to help you leave a lasting impression.

Absolutely! With our resume builder you can always switch templates if you decide a different style better fits your evolving needs or if you're exploring different job opportunities, ensuring that your resume remains adaptable to various contexts.

While modern templates can help you stand out, some employers might prefer more traditional formats. Additionally, complex design elements could pose challenges for applicant tracking systems, potentially affecting your resume's visibility in certain systems.

Yes, modern templates can be adapted for various industries. Focus on maintaining a balance between creativity and professionalism to ensure a positive impression that aligns with the expectations of your desired role.


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