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Google Docs is a free web-based service which allows you to create, edit and store documents online. It’s becoming preferable to other word processors for its myriad features that offer convenience, shareability and easy collaboration. Google Docs even has a free resume builder that will plug your information into one of its creative resume templates. You can conveniently access your Google Docs resume online from any device with an internet connection. And, its automatic-save feature ensures that you’ll never lose your work. This guide provides you with the basics of creating a Google Docs resume plus 19 free Google Docs resume templates to get you started.

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Google Docs Resume Builder

Google offers a resume-builder tool that you can use to create a professional document. No matter your skill with technology or graphic design, Google’s Resume Builder is easy to use and a great tool to take advantage of.

Whether you choose to create a resume from scratch, use Google Docs Resume Builder or go with a resume template, you first need to create a Gmail account. It’s free and takes only a few seconds.

Once you access Google’s Resume Builder, you’ll be prompted to sign into your Google Drive account. Enter the appropriate information to access your resume. The builder also offers a selection of resume templates from which to choose and inputs your information right into the template.

Google Resume Builder is connected to your Google Drive account and will automatically save your resume there.

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Google Docs Resume Templates

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