Modern Resume Templates

Classic resume templates with a modern twist

From flexible freelance work to positions at new startups, many modern jobs require modern resumes. An outstanding modern resume can show off your skills using new strategies to impress employers.

A modern resume prioritizes what’s important in today’s job market. As explained in this infographic from, you’ll need to consider things like font choice and machine readability, in addition to resume content.

That’s right: it’s possible that a machine, and not a person, will be first to look over your resume. However, a modern resume shouldn’t neglect the style and formatting that will make it stand out to a human reader.

Modern Resume Design

Busy hiring managers won’t spend much time with your resume before deciding whether or not to discard it, so design is very important.

A modern resume should be easy to read and attractively designed. Here are some of the major elements to consider in a modern professional resume.

Looking for something even more creative? See our infographic resume template library.


On modern resumes, fonts are important.

Historically, Times New Roman was the default choice for resumes. On a modern resume though, this old-fashioned font can be seen as dated, even boring.

To impress a modern employer, a modern font is best. Avoid overused fonts like Arial, and choose a more interesting option, like Helvetica Neue or Georgia. Georgia is a particularly good choice as it was designed to be easily read on a screen.


Color is a good way to make your modern resume shine. Now that resumes are often provided online, the expense of color printing is avoided and adding color to your resume is a non-issue.

When using color, keep the palette simple and professional. You might color only your section headers, or you could choose a template with a colored design from our options below.

Always use colors that are easy to see. Darker colors, like navy and burgundy, will look best for text. Light colors, like yellow, are too difficult to read, and they look unprofessional.


A hiring manager probably isn’t going to read your resume top to bottom until after you’ve made it through the initial selection process. They often make those initial decisions in a matter of seconds.

Find ways to highlight the most important information to help guide those who are just skimming resumes. You might use bold fonts to highlight your major achievements, or color to draw the eye to the sections you want noticed first.

White space on your resume allows for easy skimming, so don’t stuff your resume with excess information. Use bullet points if you’re making a list of achievements, for example.

If there’s a common acronym or abbreviation for a term in your industry, be sure to spell it out at least once in your resume, in case the person reading your resume is not familiar with the abbreviation. This also helps keep applicant tracking systems from screening out your resume (more on those later).


One page resumes are great, but modern resumes are often longer.

A two-page resume could be appropriate if you have a lot of work experience. Employers would rather read a two-page professional resume than a one-page resume that’s crammed with information in a tiny font.

What’s important is to make sure that everything on your resume is essential. Two pages of relevant information is good; two pages of filler is not. Concern yourself less about your resume’s length than about the quality of its content.

Obvious information, such as “References Available Upon Request,” can be left out.

Modern Resume Format

Your modern resume will contain the same sections that would go on any resume, such as contact information, work experience, and education. However, a modern design must format this information in a way that’s helpful to a modern employer. Modern employers are likely to be reading your resume online rather than on paper, for example, and may want details that you wouldn’t see on a traditional resume. In this section, we’ll discuss what modern employers are looking for and how to format your resume accordingly.

Social Media

Add hyperlinks to your relevant social media and email address on your resume, suggests Wendy Enelow, who co-wrote Modernize Your Resume: Get Noticed…Get Hired. This makes it easy for a modern employer to look you up and contact you, since they’ll likely be viewing your resume online.

If you have a thoroughly filled out LinkedIn account with lots of references, hyperlink it in your Contact Information section. If you’re applying for a job that will involve social media use, such as online reputation management, include links to your other social media accounts too, like Twitter and Instagram.

Make sure to keep those social media accounts professional and polished. They should be actively used, have high-quality profile pictures, and be filled with content that employers will want to see.

If you want to learn to use your social media more effectively before putting it on your resume, there are free resources to help you. For example, HootSuite has an excellent free training program on social media marketing practices.

Contact Information

In addition to social media, the rest of your contact information should be modernized too.

A modern resume doesn’t need your full residential address; in fact, that can put you at a higher risk for identity theft. Include just your city, state, and zip code.

If you have a personal website, published writing samples, or an online portfolio, link that in your Contact Information section, as long as it’s relevant to your desired job.

Professional Summary

Objectives are considered outdated in a modern job resume. It can be assumed that an employer already knows what your objective is, since they have your resume in their hands.

Instead you may want to include a professional summary that states what you have to offer the employer as a candidate, instead of what you’re looking for. This is an especially good idea if you have a lot of work history.

Your professional summary should be a synopsis of your job history and could include your years of experience, job history highlights, and major accomplishments.


Some jobs, like medical assisting, require a specific skill set that should go in a Skills section. For a job that doesn’t require such specific knowledge, don’t have a Skills section, and list your achievements instead.

Achievements don’t generally need their own separate section, unless you have a lot of measurable achievements to list. You can work them into your Experience or Work History section.

Get rid of the list of duties performed, and tell potential employers about things you accomplished or skills you mastered at each past job. If you can include specifics or numbers, that’s even better. Write the name of the new software you learned, or the percentage by which you increased sales at your last job.

Machine Readability

Many modern companies, especially medium to large ones, will use a software program to screen resumes. These applicant tracking systems (ATS) weed out resumes that appear to be a poor fit for the job. It’s important to take a strategic approach so your resume makes the cut.

There are a number of proven tactics for making your resume ATS-friendly. Check out our ATS resume templates and writing guide for more details.

Modern Resume Examples

We have many excellent modern resume examples, from simple to creative and everything in between. Choose a chronological, functional, or combination modern resume that fits your needs.

All of our free resume samples can be easily downloaded, edited, and printed. Take a look at these examples, then use the above guidelines to fill one in with your own unique content. Our modern resume templates will help you get the modern job you want!


  • Blue Side

    Blue Side Resume Template

    Light blue sidebar and dark blue titles with thin section lines provide a well-structured design. Great example for entertainment, health care, or financial seekers.

    • Size: 183 B
    • Downloads: 358142
    • Filename: blue-side.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-09 21:02:00 / 6357
  • Vibrant

    Vibrant Resume Template

    Make all your great strengths pop with this professional resume template set in blue fonts, backgrounds, and borderlines. Splash of red highlights dates. Creative, entertainment, and industrial feel here.

    • Size: 183 B
    • Downloads: 85073
    • Filename: vibrant.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-09 21:49:00 / 6387
  • Streamlined

    Streamlined Resume Template

    Fading blue edge lines and backgrounds highlight each section down the template. One-column format with plus sign bullets for job descriptions. Technical, engineering, programming, and mechanical example.

    • Size: 183 B
    • Downloads: 80201
    • Filename: streamlined.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-09 21:52:00 / 6390
  • Black and Orange

    Black and Orange Resume Template

    Deep black tones, subtle oranges, and icons showcase your attributes in this sample for the financial, business, or sales executive.

    • Size: 183 B
    • Downloads: 52916
    • Filename: black-orange.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-06 19:56:00 / 5733
  • Personal Brand

    Personal Brand Resume Template

    Oversized initial crest with forest green background. One-column format with green colouring for section borders and key titles. Personal branding template for marketer, public relations, sales, or accountant.

    • Size: 183 B
    • Downloads: 52478
    • Filename: personal-brand.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-09 21:46:00 / 6384
  • Professional Orange

    Professional Orange Resume Template

    Not a colour that you would expect to see in a resume, but it works. Very clean professional layout with only a few coloured shapes to create a fresh contemporary look.

    • Size: 183 B
    • Downloads: 35116
    • Filename: professional-orange.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-06 11:43:00 / 4971
  • Marketed

    Marketed Resume Template

    Open, two-page format with dark and light blue shading for section headers. Traditional bullet point styles and three-column format for key strengths area. Corporate feel with design touch.

    • Size: 183 B
    • Downloads: 29019
    • Filename: marketed.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-09 22:36:00 / 6403
  • Grindstone

    Grindstone Resume Template

    Steel gray background for header with maroon and fading saffron colours give much pop to this sample. Full-colour profile picture and traditional bulleted list and paragraph descriptions. Great resume for construction managers, contractors, or industrial professionals.

    • Size: 183 B
    • Downloads: 23829
    • Filename: grindstone.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-09 21:36:00 / 6375
  • Rosy Outlook

    Rosy Outlook Resume Template

    Shades of red-rose colouring used for fonts and backgrounds shape this example. Two-column Work Experience section offers lots of room for detailed job descriptions.

    • Size: 183 B
    • Downloads: 23380
    • Filename: rosy-outlook.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-08 13:43:00 / 5999
  • Hire Me

    Hire Me Resume Template

    Original use of shapes, lines, and colours creates unique design that will stand out from the rest without being over-the-top.

    • Size: 183 B
    • Downloads: 19875
    • Filename: hire.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-06 11:37:00 / 4965
  • No Fuss - Duo

    No Fuss - Duo Resume Template

    Simple and elegant layout with a dash of complementary colour, this resume gets straight down to business.

    • Size: 183 B
    • Downloads: 17344
    • Filename: fuss-duo.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-05 20:37:00 / 4908
  • VIP

    VIP Resume Template

    Shaded white main section set on light coloured, diagonal-lined page background. Olive green shading for section titles completes this sharp, polished look.

    • Size: 183 B
    • Downloads: 17217
    • Filename: vip.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-09 19:49:00 / 6321
  • Call Out

    Call Out Resume Template

    The vertical text and profile picture set in a fading gray provide a sophisticated touch to the sample. Dashed lines and coloured section titles complete the sleek look.

    • Size: 183 B
    • Downloads: 16750
    • Filename: call.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-06 19:52:00 / 5730
  • Schema

    Schema Resume Template

    Diagram your career path in this sample with dashed line flowing throughout page to blue circled stop. Perfect template for operations and project managers, engineers, and IT programmers.

    • Size: 183 B
    • Downloads: 16665
    • Filename: schema.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-08 17:37:00 / 6125
  • Corporate lines

    Corporate lines Resume Template

    Subtle background, lines and waves add a twist to this very traditional simple design.

    • Size: 183 B
    • Downloads: 16569
    • Filename: corporate-lines.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-06 18:58:00 / 5689
  • All Business

    All Business Resume Template

    Executive, marketing, financial, and sales professionals. Gray tones and white fonts with bold titles and a profile photo give this sample a corporate feel.

    • Size: 183 B
    • Downloads: 14496
    • Filename: business.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-07 20:58:00 / 5830
  • Bold Typography

    Bold Typography Resume Template

    Having no images, this resume relies on the power of typography and your words. Make sure you choose the right ones to make the most impact. Text size and styles play an important part in creating a powerful impression in this sample.

    • Size: 183 B
    • Downloads: 12199
    • Filename: bold-typography.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-06 11:27:00 / 4931
  • Column Mix

    Column Mix Resume Template

    Nice one- and three-column mix create a very organized contemporary look. Paragraph section headers serve as captions for three-column sections with blue shaded titles. Full page gird lines define the space with lots of room for your information.

    • Size: 183 B
    • Downloads: 12014
    • Filename: column-mix.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-08 11:30:00 / 5890
  • Overture

    Overture Resume Template

    Fine arts feel with this sample. Light green and gray colours and circular profile photo add artistic touch. Section headers bordered with top and bottom grid lines. Teachers, directors, and assistants template.

    • Size: 183 B
    • Downloads: 11232
    • Filename: overture.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-08 17:03:00 / 6101
  • Traditional Table

    Traditional Table Resume Template

    Sections are stacked in tables with column grid lines and a shaded table header. Great for teachers, professors, and IT candidates.

    • Size: 183 B
    • Downloads: 8644
    • Filename: traditional-table.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-06 20:34:00 / 5764
  • Colour Bricks

    Colour Bricks Resume Template

    Thick, coloured side bars for each section in this sample add a little flair to the traditional resume layout. It's creativity without overstatement.

    • Size: 183 B
    • Downloads: 8431
    • Filename: colour-bricks.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-06 19:39:00 / 5717
  • Great Experience

    Great Experience Resume Template

    Jump right into your experience and education. Shadowed section titles offset bold fonts for organization and job titles. Complimentary turquoise footer adds design touch.

    • Size: 183 B
    • Downloads: 8334
    • Filename: great-experience.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-07 20:46:00 / 5815
  • Block Colour

    Block Colour Resume Template

    Classic made modern with block colour and different shapes. The ribbon shapes in this resume also give the impression of awards and high standards.

    • Size: 183 B
    • Downloads: 6236
    • Filename: block-colour.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-06 17:30:00 / 5637
  • Tied Together

    Tied Together Resume Template

    Compact rectangular style. Blue shades used for fonts and divider lines. Bulleted lists highlight key areas and strengths. Excellent template for service industry and recent graduates.

    • Size: 183 B
    • Downloads: 6135
    • Filename: tied-together.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-07 21:08:00 / 5842
  • List It

    List It Resume Template

    Bulleted lists spotlight your key strengths, education, and more in each key section. Dashed yellow-orange section lines and light blue headers add design touch with vertical name in the margin.

    • Size: 183 B
    • Downloads: 6082
    • Filename: list-it.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-07 20:05:00 / 5710
  • Page One

    Page One Resume Template

    Banner footer with full-color profile photo, qualifications section, and light blue shading. Three-column design with bold headers and lines offers lots of space. Journalists, marketers, and communications specialists.

    • Size: 183 B
    • Downloads: 5090
    • Filename: page-one.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-08 18:25:00 / 6168


  • Glimmer

    Glimmer Resume Template

    Blue shades for backgrounds and section headers with a profile picture set on a light gray backdrop. Stars gauge showcase your key skills list. Computer, engineering, and scientific feel with this sample.

    • Size: 183 B
    • Downloads: 272392
    • Filename: glimmer.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-08 17:20:00 / 6119
  • Designer's Touch

    Designer's Touch Resume Template

    Full-colour profile picture shows yourself. Light blue font colours for titles and arrow bullet points complement gray backgrounds and lines. Thin margins give page lots of room for information.

    • Size: 183 B
    • Downloads: 33569
    • Filename: designers-touch.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-08 15:27:00 / 6020
  • Open Entry

    Open Entry Resume Template

    Classic, artsy page border provides a design appeal to this sample. Powerful entry-level resume design for job seekers without a lot of work experience and new graduates. Lots of open space for keywords, skills, and training or certifications.

    • Size: 183 B
    • Downloads: 11815
    • Filename: open-entry.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-08 12:09:00 / 5920
  • Framed

    Framed Resume Template

    Not an obvious frame, but the coloured banner at the top of the page and the coloured text help define and focus attention on the name of the candidate and their opening statement.

    • Size: 183 B
    • Downloads: 10374
    • Filename: framed.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-06 18:16:00 / 5668
  • Block Step

    Block Step Resume Template

    This resume makes clever use of colour and shapes to help the reader navigate around the resume. Three steps of block colour lead down to the main resume where block colour clearly divide content sections.

    • Size: 183 B
    • Downloads: 8854
    • Filename: block-step.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-06 11:34:00 / 4955
  • Colour Contrast

    Colour Contrast Resume Template

    Contrasting colours help to separate and organize your information and headings. Experiment with different colours but remember that many colours will not print out exactly the same as the on-screen version.

    • Size: 183 B
    • Downloads: 6846
    • Filename: colour-contrast.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-06 17:42:00 / 5646
  • Casual Blue

    Casual Blue Resume Template

    If safe and conservative white is not for you, this resume design will definitely help you to stand out. Coloured background is not something you can pull off on your home printer so only chose this option if you plan on using professional printing service.

    • Size: 183 B
    • Downloads: 5036
    • Filename: casual-blue.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-06 17:18:00 / 5628


  • Steely

    Steely Resume Template

    Very formal-looking sample with a corporate feel. Steel gray and blue shadings and profile photo make this one all business. Legal assistants, financial planners, and hospital administrators – have a look.

    • Size: 183 B
    • Downloads: 377340
    • Filename: steely.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-08 16:32:00 / 6074
  • Career Pitch

    Career Pitch Resume Template

    Blue backgrounds offset bold, white section headers and orang titles with plus-sign bullet points catch the eye. Engineer, IT, data, and communications specialist example.

    • Size: 183 B
    • Downloads: 68655
    • Filename: career-pitch.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-08 16:57:00 / 6095
  • Organized

    Organized Resume Template

    Organized tabular layout with vertical section headers with all-caps white titles and blue backgrounds. Light gray shading for description areas and open blue circle meters to assess your key skills.

    • Size: 183 B
    • Downloads: 64913
    • Filename: organized.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-09 19:09:00 / 6267
  • Creative Formal

    Creative Formal Resume Template

    Two columns separated by white and gray backgrounds give creative touch with formal feel. Icon images and blue fonts complete the sample.

    • Size: 183 B
    • Downloads: 54098
    • Filename: creative-formal.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-08 15:54:00 / 6047
  • Show and Tell

    Show and Tell Resume Template

    Wonderful template for realtors, insurance agents, interior designer, or home contractor. Full color profile photo with blue background. Strength graphs spotlight your expertise.

    • Size: 183 B
    • Downloads: 51982
    • Filename: show-tell.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-08 18:51:00 / 6186
  • Skilful

    Skilful Resume Template

    Showcase your key skills with the olive-green and gray block graphs that complement the gray backgrounds and olive-green section divider lines. Excellent template when applying for the next level position.

    • Size: 183 B
    • Downloads: 42459
    • Filename: skilful.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-09 22:44:00 / 6412
  • Lists of Expertises

    Lists of Expertises Resume Template

    Deep, forest greens and light blues offer a formal feel in this sample. Lots of bold sections with bulleted lists to include all of your qualifications and expertises.

    • Size: 183 B
    • Downloads: 40618
    • Filename: lists-expertises.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-08 12:21:00 / 5932
  • Formative Traditional

    Formative Traditional Resume Template

    Blue and gray header shading with maroon titles add creative touch to traditional example. Skills section includes graphs to rank your strengths and thin margins to include all of your information.

    • Size: 183 B
    • Downloads: 24463
    • Filename: formative-traditional.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-08 16:23:00 / 6068
  • Cavalier

    Cavalier Resume Template

    This two-page, two-column sleek resume is the perfect choice for mid-career and senior level professionals with significant work history, career achievements, and skills that need to be highlighted. The dark red section headings and the use of steel gray titles lend authority and distinction. This template is the perfect choice for accountants, engineers, and IT professionals.

    • Size: 183 B
    • Downloads: 24352
    • Filename: cavalier.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-09 20:00:00 / 6324
  • One Two Three

    One Two Three Resume Template

    Open black and red circles with inset numbers for bullet points and sequential section headings and light gray backgrounds make this sample pop. Round profile photo maintains the look.

    • Size: 183 B
    • Downloads: 22424
    • Filename: one-two-three.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-08 17:40:00 / 6128
  • Score-card

    Score card Resume Template

    A centered resume format that places visual emphasis on key skills by means of a 10 point rating scale.

    • Size: 183 B
    • Downloads: 21717
    • Filename: score-card.docx
    • Uploaded: 2015-10-10 08:39:00 / 8314
  • Advertise

    Advertise Resume Template

    Put a full-frontal, colour photo of yourself here to compliment the blues and whites. Inviting appeal great for realtors, insurance and advertisement sales agents, and contractors.

    • Size: 183 B
    • Downloads: 20669
    • Filename: advertise.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-07 21:00:00 / 5833
  • Springing

    Springing Resume Template

    Light purples and greens give a spring touch here. Use a photo of yourself and the bar meters to showcase your many qualifications. Great for marketing, sales, and hospitality professionals.

    • Size: 183 B
    • Downloads: 18591
    • Filename: springing.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-08 13:28:00 / 5984
  • Fades of Green

    Fades of Green Resume Template

    White and bold font types set on green-fading backgrounds catch the eye with the full-coloured photo of yourself. Large summary of qualifications area and many conventional sections in this template.

    • Size: 183 B
    • Downloads: 18220
    • Filename: fades-green.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-08 12:56:00 / 5951
  • Lively Step

    Lively Step Resume Template

    Bright orange and green shadings with a light blue font colouring make this sample lively. Rate your expertise with the green and gra squared bar meters. Great template for designers, marketers, and communications specialists.

    • Size: 183 B
    • Downloads: 18032
    • Filename: lively-step.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-09 20:55:00 / 6351
  • Bold Contrast

    Bold Contrast Resume Template

    Strong use of contrasting colours makes this resume stand out. A simple layout, using block colour to highlight your strengths. Make the most of positive feedback from customers or bosses by quoting what they have said about you.

    • Size: 183 B
    • Downloads: 14973
    • Filename: bold-contrast.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-06 11:30:00 / 4940
  • Foundation

    Foundation Resume Template

    Orange and gray titles with mix of one, two, and three columns with thin divider lines in this sample. Enlarged, italicized objective footer gives creative appeal. Clerical, IT, sales, or engineering usage.

    • Size: 183 B
    • Downloads: 14383
    • Filename: foundation.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-08 18:34:00 / 6177
  • Spirited Professional

    Spirited Professional Resume Template

    Large footer section with orange background, bold white fonts and a full-colour profile photo. Bold headers and maroon titles complete the overall creative feel. Public relations, graphic designer, or sales sample.

    • Size: 183 B
    • Downloads: 13584
    • Filename: spirited-professional.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-09 20:30:00 / 6339
  • Refined

    Refined Resume Template

    Designed for professionals seeking to highlight their key strengths, this free resume template has a refined and professional format, with just a touch of light blue, gray shading, and dotted lines that add a contemporary vibe. This two-column classy design provides plenty of room for mid-career professionals to highlight their skills, work history, education, and objectives.

    • Size: 183 B
    • Downloads: 12613
    • Filename: refined.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-08 18:32:00 / 6174
  • Positive Showing

    Positive Showing Resume Template

    Orange plus signs and headers with thin border line define each section. Gray and black squares with an inner dot showcase key competencies meters. Plenty of space for those with a lot of experience and accomplishments.

    • Size: 183 B
    • Downloads: 12547
    • Filename: positive-showing.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-09 19:28:00 / 6296
  • Prelude

    Prelude Resume Template

    Gray-shaded squares with introductory information set next to work experience descriptions provide room for more detail and a designer's touch. Light yellows used for titles and shading.

    • Size: 183 B
    • Downloads: 11704
    • Filename: prelude.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-09 19:12:00 / 6272
  • Present Yourself

    Present Yourself Resume Template

    Dashed yellow-green page border with section borderlines in a dashed light gray. Circle gauges set in olive green and dark blue to rank your key expertises. Perfect sample for computer professionals.

    • Size: 183 B
    • Downloads: 11442
    • Filename: present.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-09 22:11:00 / 6396
  • Check Box

    Check Box Resume Template

    A coloured background highlights the section headings and the font colours for the titles compliment the backgrounds. Use the check boxes and lines to bullet all that you offer.

    • Size: 183 B
    • Downloads: 11229
    • Filename: check-box.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-06 19:49:00 / 5727
  • Front and Center

    Front and Center Resume Template

    Boxed and shaded profile area provides lots of room to tell all about yourself. Gray vertical and horizontal draw focus to the section headings and the centered descriptions and key words keep the reader scanning the page.

    • Size: 183 B
    • Downloads: 9142
    • Filename: front-center.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-08 13:25:00 / 5981
  • What the people say

    What the people say Resume Template

    Jump straight into what people say about you. Show-off your best achievements through the words of others.

    • Size: 183 B
    • Downloads: 8966
    • Filename: people-say.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-06 19:16:00 / 5701
  • Functional Showcase

    Functional Showcase Resume Template

    Multi-column layout with thin section divider lines. Work history list section and power bars to highlight your expertises. Excellent format for administrative, service industry, and labor professionals.

    • Size: 183 B
    • Downloads: 7457
    • Filename: functional-showcase.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-09 19:35:00 / 6306
  • Logos

    Logos Resume Template

    Travel, sales, branding professionals, and entrepreneurs utilize this sample to feature company logos with a shaded, bulleted key skills section.

    • Size: 183 B
    • Downloads: 7093
    • Filename: logos.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-07 20:41:00 / 5810
  • Testimonials

    Testimonials Resume Template

    Summarize your skill-set succinctly at the start of your resume and have the people that matter endorse what you say about yourself.

    • Size: 183 B
    • Downloads: 6707
    • Filename: testimonials.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-06 19:05:00 / 5692
  • Open

    Open Resume Template

    Open-ended block sections with thin and thick deep brown-shaded grid outlines. Arrows used for bulleted lists and italic fonts for margin headings and titles. Stimulating appeal.

    • Size: 183 B
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    • Uploaded: 2014-05-08 12:01:00 / 5911
  • Blocks

    Blocks Resume Template

    Thick, bold outlines define each block section. Limited use of shading for a few areas adds design touch. Traditional information with a creative layout.

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  • Salmon

    Salmon Resume Template

    Lots of colour looks more expensive and a distinctive colour scheme will make your resume stand out. The 'tick' is a very positive image to use instead of a standard bullet point.

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  • Qualified

    Qualified Resume Template

    White fonts set on green and deep gray background for headers. Combination of two columns and three columns for skills lists and qualifications. Teachers, retail and service job seekers stand out with this sample.

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