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If there’s a job that you are serious about scoring, we have free modern resumes you can use to get an edge over competitors.

From flexible freelance work to positions at up and coming startups, many jobs require modern resumes. An outstanding modern resume can show off your skills utilizing new strategies to impress employers.

A modern resume prioritizes what’s important in today’s job market. As explained in this infographic from, you’ll need to consider things like font choice and machine readability in addition to resume content.

That’s right: It’s possible that a machine, and not a person, will be the first to look over your resume. However, a modern resume shouldn’t neglect the style and formatting that will make it stand out to a human reader.

Modern Resume Template Examples

We have many excellent modern resume examples for you to score your dream job, from clean to creative and everything in between.

Choose a chronological, functional or combination modern resume that fits your needs.

All of our resume templates are free for you to download, edit and print. Take a look at these examples, then use the above guidelines to fill one in with your own unique content. Our modern resume templates will help you get the cutting-edge job you want!




Modern Resume Design

Busy hiring managers and recruiters won’t spend much time with your resume before deciding whether or not to discard it, so design is very important.

A modern resume should be easy to read and attractively designed. Here are some of the major elements to consider in a modern professional resume.

Looking for something even more creative? See our infographic resume template library.
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On modern resumes, fonts are important.

Historically, Times New Roman was the default choice for resumes. On a modern resume though, this old-fashioned font can be seen as outdated, even boring.

To impress a modern employer, a modern sans serif font is best. Avoid overused fonts like Arial, and choose a more interesting option, like Helvetica Neue or Georgia. Georgia is a particularly good choice as it was designed to be easily read on a screen.

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Color is a good way to make your modern resume shine. Now that resumes are often provided online, the expense of color printing is avoided, and adding color to your resume is a non-issue.

When using color, keep the palette simple and professional. You might color only your section headers, or you could choose a template with a colored design from our options below.

Always use colors that are easy to see. Darker colors, like navy and burgundy, will look best for text. Light colors, like yellow, are too difficult to read, and look unprofessional.

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A hiring manager probably isn’t going to read your resume from top to bottom until after you’ve made it through the initial selection process. They often make those early decisions in a matter of seconds.

Find ways to highlight your key information to help guide those who are just skimming resumes. You might use bold fonts to highlight your major achievements, or color to draw the eye to the sections you want noticed first.

White space on your resume allows for easy skimming, so don’t stuff your resume with excess information. Use bullet points if you’re making a list of achievements, for example.

If there’s a common acronym or abbreviation for a term in your industry, be sure to spell it out at least once in your resume, in case the person reading your resume is not familiar with the abbreviation. This also helps keep applicant tracking systems (ATS) from screening out your resume (more on those later).

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One page resumes are great, but modern resumes are often longer.

A two-page resume could be appropriate if you have a lot of work experience. Employers would rather read a multi-page professional resume than a one-page resume that’s crammed with information in a tiny font.

What’s important is to make sure that everything on your resume is essential. Two pages of relevant information is good; two pages of filler is not. Concern yourself less with its length than about the quality of its content.

Obvious information, such as “References Available Upon Request,” can be omitted.

Modern Resume Format

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Machine Readability

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