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If you are looking for a job in a creative field, or one that requires you to stand out from the crowd, these creative templates will help you show your personality and impress potential employers.

Creative Resume Template Examples

Here, you’ll find creative resume templates that range from relatively simple to very artistic. Consider your desired job and choose the template that best fits. We’ve organized our resume library by the design or what field they’re suited for, but most of them work well for a variety of creative industries.

For Graphic and Web Designers

Use one of these creative resume templates to show that you know great visual design. They can also be edited and customized to further show off your design skills.

For Sales and Marketing

These resume templates highlight your sales and marketing abilities using creative ways to display professional achievements.

With Professional Portraits

A creative resume template featuring your professional portrait is great for everything from sales positions to acting jobs.


When applying for entry-level positions or changing careers, it’s best to limit your resume to one page. Creative layouts in this category are designed to be presented on a single page.

When to Use a Creative Resume Template

  • Advertising/sales
  • Marketing/communications
  • Graphic design/web design
  • Visual arts
  • Acting/theater
  • Fashion
  • Technology
  • Startups/innovative new companies

Always pay close attention to any guidelines the company posts regarding resumes. If they request a Word document in standard 12-point font, they probably aren’t looking for a modern resume.

Some companies use an applicant tracking system (ATS) before the resume is read by a human. With an ATS, some creative designs might not be read accurately by the software, so a simple layout is a safer choice. Consider the size of a company and how many applicants they may be fielding at a given time to speculate whether or not they may be using ATS to sift through resumes.

It’s also a good idea to find out who’ll be reading your resume, if possible. If you’re applying to a creative job, but your resume will be read by recruiters who don’t work in your field, the creative elements of your resume may be lost on them.

Think a creative resume is right for you? Let’s find out what goes into producing one.

Creative Resume Design

With a creative resume, the sky’s the limit on what design elements you can play with. However, there are several tried-and-true ideas to get you started. Here are a few of the possibilities to consider.

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You can use color in more whimsical ways on a creative resume than on traditional or modern ones. It’s OK to use bold, bright and multiple colors. Just make sure your document is still easy to read.

If the company you’re applying to has a corporate color scheme (check their logo, website or offices for ideas), you might want to reflect that in your design. This is a good way to subtly signal that you will fit into their work environment well.

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A creative resume might contain symbols or graphics that are related to your industry. You can use a different icon for each section, or have a single graphic related to your field featured prominently on your resume.

No matter what graphic you choose, make sure that it’s high-quality and fits with the content of your resume. Several of our creative resume templates below have excellent built-in graphics.

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Professional Photo

Maybe you’re applying to work for a quirky local business where personality is a bonus. Or maybe your field is direct sales or marketing, where you’ll be interacting face-to-face and forming business relationships with new clients.

In any field where your personality or professional appearance is a key component of the job, a photo is a good way to show that. Including a professional photo of yourself can be a great addition to a creative resume.

Make sure your photo is professional. A silly, heavily edited or unconventional photo is a detraction. It doesn’t provide potential employers with helpful information about you and might hurt your chances of getting a job interview.

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Unique Layout

Creative resumes have been made to look like everything from movie posters to subway maps.

You don’t want to copy another candidate’s unique design, but you can use designs like these as inspiration. Then use one of our free templates to make your own appealing resume.

Get creative with your own resume layout if it’s appropriate for the job you’re applying for. What documents are relevant to your field, and how might you model your resume after them? For example, a resume that looks like a playbill might be a fun twist for a job at a theater. A resume that’s modeled after a popular social media site could work well for a social media marketing position.

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Unique Formats

Beyond the traditional text-based resumes, there are other innovative ways to present yourself that could help you make a bold impression on a potential employer.

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Video or Online Resumes

Some people may opt to make a creative resume in an exclusively online format. Some job seekers have created resumes using the presentation software Prezi. Others have made short videos that tell the story of their achievements and work experience. Several websites exist specifically to help you make an attractive visual resume.

These can be viewed online or saved as an image to send to potential employers. An online resume is a bit unconventional and best for creative fields. If you think an online or video resume will help you stand out from the competition, go for it — just make sure you have a paper version handy, too.

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Infographic Resumes

The infographic resume uses a visual format to provide information about you and your experience. It might include a graph, a pie chart or another visual way of presenting this information. Or, the entire resume might be modeled as an infographic.

Creating a good infographic resume from scratch can be difficult and time-consuming. There’s more to it than just making a simple table or chart. Instead of doing it all on your own, check out our infographic resume guide and templates to make the job easy for you.

Creative Resume Content

Creative Resume Ideas

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