Simple and Clean Resume Templates

Classic resume templates with great typography and a touch of color

Hiring managers look at very many of resumes. Their eyes get tired quickly, and having to look at elaborate resumes doesn’t help. In fact, fancy resume formats make the recruitment process even harder, since hiring managers have to look past the design elements in order to get to the content. Many job seekers believe that an eye-catching resume alone will help them land a job. However, that is not usually the case.

A clean, simple resume can help you stand out from the pool of applicants by being easy to read and pleasant to look at. Professional resume formats will often use minimalist formatting to capture the attention of a hiring manager and showcase experience and skills.

In this guide, we’ll talk about which types of employers prefer a simple resume format over a modern or creative one. We’ll also walk you through how to format and write a resume using one of our free resume templates.

Let’s get you on the path to creating your resume today.

Simple Resume Format

A simple resume does not need to be a boring one. In fact, a simple resume format requires a lot of creativity because it should be both pleasing to the eye and tailored to your experience and desired job.

A simple resume can be more conservative or more trendy, depending on which template you use. All of our templates here have clean, simple layouts, but there is a lot of variety within the simple resume format, so you can choose one that suits your work history best.

What Jobs Require a Simple Resume?

If you’re applying to a conservative or old-fashioned place of employment, a simple resume is the way to go.

The legal field is an example of a conservative workplace. So are most professions in finance and many large corporate offices. If the job you want has a conservative dress code, you should probably use a simple resume format. This is like a dress code for your resume.

Although a simple resume format is essential in those types workplaces, a well-crafted simple resume can also impress a potential employer in a creative, modern field.

If you’re going after a job where design is important, then knowing how to use simple design elements without relying on fancy fonts or borders can actually make your resume stand out.

Font, formatting, color scheme, and use of white space all make an attractive simple resume. This requires solid design knowledge. Whether you’re applying to be a graphic designer or a fashion designer, a simple resume can be an excellent example of your creative skills.

If you’re applying to a newer company, the employer can also be impressed by a clean, traditional simple resume, even if the corporate culture is more laid-back. Many startups and tech companies use a minimalist aesthetic for their offices, websites, and products. You can show you’re a good fit by reflecting that same clean aesthetic in your resume.

Simple Resume Content

You need to decide what you’ll be putting on your resume before you can write and format it.

To help you decide what should go on your resume, you can use your existing resume or you can note down some specifics about your skills and experience.

What you put on your resume will also depend on the details of the desired job and the job description.

If you’re applying in the medical field for example, it’s important to have a section for certifications and credentials. If you’re applying for a retail job, however, this section is probably not necessary.

Here are the sections that should always go on your resume:

  • Contact Information
  • Education
  • Experience/Work History

Here are some ideas for optional sections:

  • Career Objective, Objective Statement, or Professional Summary
  • Interests and Activities
  • Relevant Skills
  • Achievements and Awards
  • References

Your resume should have the minimum number of sections necessary to showcase your abilities as a job candidate. Ruthlessly delete unnecessary information.

Simple Resume Layout and Design

Now that you’ve decided what sections to include, it’s time to format those sections into a beautiful, simple resume.

You don’t need to do this work on your own. We’ve compiled a list of simple resume templates you can use. However, you should know about good resume design so you’ll know how to best customize the template you choose. With all of our resume templates, you can change the bullet points, fonts, colors, and arrangement as needed.

Avoid large blocks of text in your resume. Having white space between sections adds balance. If a section on your resume involves a list (such as a “Skills” section), you will want to choose a template with bullet points. These make your resume look organized and easy to read.

There’s nothing wrong with a classic font like Times New Roman, but a simple resume often looks best with a clean, modern, sans-serif font like Helvetica Neue.

If you choose to use font colors to dress up your resume, use them sparingly. Pick just one or two colors to highlight aspects of your resume. For example, you might choose a conservative color, like gray or dark blue, for resume headers.

Make sure any font color you choose is easy to read. Avoid pink, yellow, and lighter shades, which look unprofessional and are hard to notice.

Always be consistent. Have your “Objective” header in the same color as your “Education” header. Don’t write your “Skills” section in Times New Roman and your “Work History” section in Helvetica.

The following common resume mistakes make your resume look too complicated and poorly designed:

  • Too many colors and fonts
  • Hard-to-detect colors and fonts
  • Unconventional fonts like Comic Sans
  • Elaborate borders
  • Colored or needlessly fancy paper
  • Too many sections
  • Unnecessary images
  • Inconsistent formatting

If your resume is overly designed or messy, employers will be distracted from the content and more likely to put your resume in the “No” pile. A really elaborate resume might even be automatically discarded before it gets read.

How to Write a Simple Resume

Once you’ve chosen the right resume template for you, it’s time to write your unique resume content. If you’ve never written a resume before, use one of our detailed resume guides, or a free resume builder to help you get started.

A simple resume is about more than just layout. There should be simplicity in your phrasing too.

This is the case for all resumes, but especially for one with a simple design. Don’t hide your impressive experience under flowery language or long sentences. State things simply so employers can easily learn about you.

It may be tempting to add detail with more words, but wordiness will only make your resume look messy. Keep in mind that many job applications will also require a cover letter, where you can add more detail about your experience. It doesn’t all need to go on your resume.

Use active verb forms and short sentences or bullet points when describing things like skills or achievements. Find places to cut or reword. It’s okay to use sentence fragments in your bullet points.

Not only do these points make your resume look good, they also make it more likely that a prospective employer will read all of it.

Simple Resume Examples

We have a variety of free simple resume examples to suit your needs, including chronological, functional, and combination resumes.

Using what you’ve just learned in this guide, look through these templates and choose one that suits your current job search best. Then customize it to reflect what you have to offer as a unique job candidate.


  • Neat

    Neat Resume Template

    Very compact and neat professional layout. Notice how the use of red text draws the eye. Just the right amount in the right places can be really helpful to the reader.

    • Size: 183 B
    • Downloads: 167686
    • Filename: neat.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-06 11:38:00 / 4968
  • Upfront

    Upfront Resume Template

    Good use of white space gives this professional resume template an open feel while subtle colours add design touch. Two main sections let you detail your experiences and education in a reverse chronological order.

    • Size: 183 B
    • Downloads: 136099
    • Filename: upfront.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-09 20:18:00 / 6327
  • Subtle Creativity

    Subtle Creativity Resume Template

    Traditional format with light orange headers and subtle gray titles. Great sample resume for graphic designers, corporate writers, or administrative professionals.

    • Size: 183 B
    • Downloads: 104875
    • Filename: subtle-creativity.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-09 19:42:00 / 6315
  • Broad Appeal

    Broad Appeal Resume Template

    Margin column for titles and headings provides lots of space for detailed, paragraph statements. Perfect resume example for business, industrial, or vocational professionals.

    • Size: 183 B
    • Downloads: 39236
    • Filename: broad-appeal.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-09 20:48:00 / 6348
  • Commencing

    Commencing Resume Template

    Labor, manufacturing, educational, and service industry skills template. Good use of white space to catch the eye with blue section divider lines and large, bold section titles.

    • Size: 183 B
    • Downloads: 21797
    • Filename: commencing.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-09 22:42:00 / 6409
  • Creative Conventions

    Creative Conventions Resume Template

    Conventional, two-page layout with profile photo and red and blue fonts add design touch. Plus signs used for bullet points. Great for technology, engineering, or financial career seekers.

    • Size: 183 B
    • Downloads: 20542
    • Filename: creative-conventions.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-08 15:32:00 / 6023
  • Indent Line

    Indent Line Resume Template

    Just a bit of colour and creative use of indent make add a creative twist to this very traditional straight-forward design. Indented text helps the headings stand out.

    • Size: 183 B
    • Downloads: 20113
    • Filename: indent-line.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-06 17:22:00 / 5631
  • Fresh Take

    Fresh Take Resume Template

    Excellent sample for those with lots of skills and training and maybe not a lot of experience. Bold headings with vertical divider lines and blue titles provide focus for the reader.

    • Size: 183 B
    • Downloads: 18280
    • Filename: fresh-take.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-08 16:54:00 / 6092
  • Stately

    Stately Resume Template

    Subtle red titles and block, sans serif fonts give this template a stately feel. Great use of white space complements paragraph descriptions of your experiences, strengths, and objectives.

    • Size: 183 B
    • Downloads: 16777
    • Filename: stately.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-08 16:19:00 / 6065
  • Accomplished

    Accomplished Resume Template

    Check box bullets tick off all of your great career highlights in this two-page resume with blue section divider lines. Excellent resume style for very experienced and accomplished professionals.

    • Size: 183 B
    • Downloads: 15615
    • Filename: accomplished.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-08 17:47:00 / 6135
  • No Point Left Out

    No Point Left Out Resume Template

    Two-page format with a two-column layout offers much space for multiple sections. Light blue titles and dashed section lines add design touch. Give all of your details here.

    • Size: 183 B
    • Downloads: 14695
    • Filename: point-left.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-09 20:57:00 / 6354
  • Bold Red Shading

    Bold Red Shading Resume Template

    Touches of red shadings and gray background really draw in the reader's focus. Plus signs used for bulleted lists with room for multiple sections.

    • Size: 183 B
    • Downloads: 14607
    • Filename: bold-red-shading.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-09 20:34:00 / 6345
  • Important message

    Important message Resume Template

    Perfect use of typography to draw attention to your name and a short message. Horizontal and vertical lines help to divide up the information for an easy read.

    • Size: 183 B
    • Downloads: 12355
    • Filename: important-message.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-06 11:46:00 / 4977
  • Blue Pop

    Blue Pop Resume Template

    Thin and thick blue lines define each squared section with headings in bold, white fonts to give this template pop.

    • Size: 183 B
    • Downloads: 11019
    • Filename: blue-pop.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-07 20:24:00 / 5795
  • Packed Classic

    Packed Classic Resume Template

    Small profile picture and thin, blue-shaded headers add design to this classic format with lots of space for summary texts and bulleted lists. Business, health and IT professionals benefit here.

    • Size: 183 B
    • Downloads: 10740
    • Filename: packed-classic.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-08 11:53:00 / 5908
  • Beaming

    Beaming Resume Template

    Light brown headings and vertical bright green dashed lines catch the eye and break content into easy to read sections. Bold titles bring focus to key experiences and skills. Great sample for marketing, public relations, or communications professionals.

    • Size: 183 B
    • Downloads: 10219
    • Filename: beaming.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-09 19:15:00 / 6278
  • Checkmark Timeline

    Checkmark Timeline Resume Template

    Bold, open squares and thin black lines divide the two-column page layout. Dates and key words offset in the margins act as section intros. Excellent template for university and IT job seekers.

    • Size: 183 B
    • Downloads: 9654
    • Filename: checkmark-timeline.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-08 12:18:00 / 5929
  • Next Level

    Next Level Resume Template

    Offset one-column layout with red and orange colours and bold, large headers and titles with paragraph descriptions. Creative sample with a business feel.

    • Size: 183 B
    • Downloads: 8416
    • Filename: next-level.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-09 20:32:00 / 6342
  • Tidy

    Tidy Resume Template

    Two-page, one-column layout with red and orange for headings and titles. Lots of space for detailed, paragraph descriptions. Corporate and academia feel with this sample.

    • Size: 183 B
    • Downloads: 7808
    • Filename: tidy.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-09 19:23:00 / 6287
  • Industry Lifer

    Industry Lifer Resume Template

    Section titles offset in the margin with blue and light gray fonts. Small vertical lines used to separate columns. Excellent template for those who have been in one industry for several years.

    • Size: 183 B
    • Downloads: 7601
    • Filename: industry-lifer.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-08 15:49:00 / 6041
  • Cosmopolitan

    Cosmopolitan Resume Template

    Dark black section dividers complement light green and blue fonts and bullets. Large, three-columned Core Skills section for many key attributes. Serif font type completes mature, professional feel.

    • Size: 183 B
    • Downloads: 7416
    • Filename: cosmopolitan.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-08 15:41:00 / 6032
  • Elegant Traditional

    Elegant Traditional Resume Template

    A traditional format that portrays a simple elegance. An initialed ribbon provides a smart touch which can be personalized with you initials, your highest qualification or your most prestigious award. Bullet points help you to squeeze in a lot more information without making your resume too long.

    • Size: 183 B
    • Downloads: 6846
    • Filename: elegant-traditional.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-06 11:35:00 / 4958
  • Pretty in Pink

    Pretty in Pink Resume Template

    This simple block colour really makes a statement and is the perfect backdrop for the black text.

    • Size: 183 B
    • Downloads: 6671
    • Filename: pretty-pink.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-06 18:13:00 / 5665
  • Bold Red

    Bold Red Resume Template

    Traditional layout with bold and italic font types. Large red square with white font provides good space for objective. Great sample for corporate, IT, and nonprofit job seekers.

    • Size: 183 B
    • Downloads: 6549
    • Filename: bold-red.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-08 13:37:00 / 5993
  • My Name is

    My Name is Resume Template

    One look and everyone will know who you are. The placement size and bold text really make the name on this resume stand out.

    • Size: 183 B
    • Downloads: 6087
    • Filename: name.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-06 11:44:00 / 4974
  • Simple Underline

    Simple Underline Resume Template

    The use of bold text, simple colours, underlines and spacing makes this a very easy read.

    • Size: 183 B
    • Downloads: 5690
    • Filename: simple-underline.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-06 17:46:00 / 5649
  • Striking

    Striking Resume Template

    Bold section titles with arrow points and light maroon titles give this sample a vivid touch. Full page layout for multiple sections to let you list plenty of information.

    • Size: 183 B
    • Downloads: 5623
    • Filename: striking.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-08 16:38:00 / 6080
  • Offset

    Offset Resume Template

    Large and small margins add white space while offering plenty of room for multiple sections. Bold orange and blues for titles focus the reader. Great template for entry level positions or new graduates.

    • Size: 183 B
    • Downloads: 5535
    • Filename: offset.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-08 16:08:00 / 6056
  • Professional Block

    Professional Block Resume Template

    This block and bulleted resume offers a professional-looking style. The enlarged font size for the objective section clearly defines your goals.

    • Size: 183 B
    • Downloads: 5432
    • Filename: professional-block.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-06 19:31:00 / 5711
  • Simple Red

    Simple Red Resume Template

    Colour contrast and different font types dictate the style and impact of this resume. The use of the red always pulls you back to the name of the applicant.

    • Size: 183 B
    • Downloads: 5395
    • Filename: simple-red.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-06 18:02:00 / 5655
  • Academia

    Academia Resume Template

    Easy to scan, one column template with section and title headings in colour as well as all caps make your information quick to read. Large Skills & Abilities section great for the career changer.

    • Size: 183 B
    • Downloads: 5386
    • Filename: academia.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-06 20:17:00 / 5748
  • Plus It

    Plus It Resume Template

    Plus signs and lines outline each area with arrows providing the bulleted direction to your skills and experience. Scientific, data, and IT feel with this one.

    • Size: 183 B
    • Downloads: 5224
    • Filename: plus.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-06 19:46:00 / 5724
  • Breezy

    Breezy Resume Template

    Open and airy one-column format centered on the page. Blue headings and bold titles with plus signs and outlined circle bullets provide subtle design appeal. Service and labour workers take a look here.

    • Size: 183 B
    • Downloads: 5033
    • Filename: breezy.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-08 15:35:00 / 6026
  • Caption It

    Caption It Resume Template

    Oversized captions for key words or job titles. Small profile photo with blue shaded section headers. Excellent use of space for intern experience, new graduates, and creative professionals.

    • Size: 183 B
    • Downloads: 4699
    • Filename: caption.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-08 18:00:00 / 6144
  • Mono Shading

    Mono Shading Resume Template

    Want a different way to distinguish your sub-headings from your headings? This layout shows how different shades of the same colour can do this.

    • Size: 183 B
    • Downloads: 4672
    • Filename: mono-shading.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-06 11:48:00 / 4986
  • Burgeoning

    Burgeoning Resume Template

    Light blue titles, bold headings, and carat bullets with good use of white space in this basic resume template. Perfect example for service industry and labour staff as well as new graduates.

    • Size: 183 B
    • Downloads: 4028
    • Filename: burgeoning.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-08 16:52:00 / 6089
  • Simple Central

    Simple Central Resume Template

    Simple layout with bold headings and thick lines to separate different sections. Not the best format if you have a lot of information to include.

    • Size: 183 B
    • Downloads: 3853
    • Filename: simple-central.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-06 18:10:00 / 5662
  • Moving Up

    Moving Up Resume Template

    Offset sections balance out this sample. Good use of white space helps focus the reader's eye. Orang titles provide design touch. Great format to take your few years of experience to the next level.

    • Size: 183 B
    • Downloads: 1920
    • Filename: moving.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-08 18:05:00 / 6147


  • Substantial

    Substantial Resume Template

    Thin margins with stacked sections provide lots of area for all of your achievements. Unique Projects area lets you describe your accomplishments. IT, project management, and senior-level sample.

    • Size: 183 B
    • Downloads: 218358
    • Filename: substantial.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-08 16:36:00 / 6077
  • Top Level

    Top Level Resume Template

    Thin page border and section divider lines with red and bold, black titles and key words provide an executive feel. Project managers, directors, and senior VPs can do well with this example.

    • Size: 183 B
    • Downloads: 13149
    • Filename: top-level.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-08 16:42:00 / 6083
  • In a Nutshell

    In a Nutshell Resume Template

    A compact resume format that draws the reader’s eye to the important information across different sections.

    • Size: 183 B
    • Downloads: 12523
    • Filename: in-a-nutshell.docx
    • Uploaded: 2015-10-10 08:21:00 / 8305
  • Raise the Bar

    Raise the Bar Resume Template

    Two well-defined columns give this sample structure. Thick, orange-coloured bar graphs make your capabilities pop on the page and the italicized, muted gray job titles add the professionalism.

    • Size: 183 B
    • Downloads: 11309
    • Filename: raise-bar.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-06 20:28:00 / 5758
  • Self Assessment

    Self Assessment Resume Template

    What stands out in this sample is the Skills section. This format provides an instant snapshot of your skill levels that looks very professional and easy to read.

    • Size: 183 B
    • Downloads: 10858
    • Filename: self-assessment.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-06 11:47:00 / 4980
  • Space It Out

    Space It Out Resume Template

    Entry-level workers ready for the next step here. Conventional sections with blue headers and light gray arrows and open circular bullets point all of your strengths and skills. Plenty of room for goals, key word lists, and more.

    • Size: 183 B
    • Downloads: 8742
    • Filename: space.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-08 15:38:00 / 6029
  • Classic Elegance

    Classic Elegance Resume Template

    A very smart style that gets straight down to business. Can you summarize your abilities into a couple of sentences? Most prospective employers don't have a lot of time to read through lengthy resumes.

    • Size: 183 B
    • Downloads: 7414
    • Filename: classic-elegance.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-06 11:36:00 / 4961
  • Section Lines

    Section Lines Resume Template

    Great use of contrasting text colour and line thickness to differentiate between sets of information.

    • Size: 183 B
    • Downloads: 6461
    • Filename: section-lines.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-06 17:49:00 / 5652
  • No-Nonsense

    No-Nonsense Resume Template

    Just a bit of colour goes a long way in breaking up information.

    • Size: 183 B
    • Downloads: 5817
    • Filename: nonsense.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-06 19:10:00 / 5698
  • Traditional Plus

    Traditional Plus Resume Template

    Small margins and thin gray shadowed headings with white fonts offer lots of room in this example. Multiple sections for your training, certifications, skills, and other information.

    • Size: 183 B
    • Downloads: 5803
    • Filename: traditional-plus.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-07 21:02:00 / 5836
  • Non-traditional Traditional

    Non-traditional Traditional Resume Template

    Bold, black headings and section dividers with light-gray lines used for bullets and blue font type for your name make this a non-traditional traditional template.

    • Size: 183 B
    • Downloads: 5237
    • Filename: non-traditional-traditional.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-08 12:13:00 / 5923
  • Skilled

    Skilled Resume Template

    Bold headings and shading flush out this sample with plus signs and open circles for bullet points. Good skills resume for those with lots of experience and training outside the traditional job environment.

    • Size: 183 B
    • Downloads: 4726
    • Filename: skilled.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-07 20:05:00 / 5783
  • Career Starter

    Career Starter Resume Template

    Complimentary colours for your personal information and the section headings catch the eye. Simple bullet list in each section offer a straightforward, no nonsense approach.

    • Size: 183 B
    • Downloads: 4314
    • Filename: career-starter.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-06 19:34:00 / 5714


  • Bulletin

    Bulletin Resume Template

    Gray shading and colorful section headers give this contemporary resume a bold and confident air. Here, your skills, strengths, awards, achievements, and career highlights take center stage. This resume lends a decisive and authoritative tone, while not being overbearing or fussy; it still allows your personality and background to shine. This is a perfect template for individuals seeking to change careers or industries, ex-military looking to enter the civilian workforce, and others who want to emphasise their talents and strengths, and not their previous job titles or employers.

    • Size: 183 B
    • Downloads: 58244
    • Filename: bulletin.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-08 18:20:00 / 6162
  • Discreetly Modern

    Discreetly Modern Resume Template

    Free Modern Resume templates that will get you noticed. Simple, elegant, discreetly modern, with a touch of color and creativity.

    • Size: 183 B
    • Downloads: 32272
    • Filename: discreetly-modern.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-09-19 17:09:00 / 7448
  • Europass CV Template

    Europass CV Template

    Standard Europass CV / Resume Template used in Europe.

    • Size: 183 B
    • Downloads: 31727
    • Filename: europass-cv-template.doc
    • Uploaded: 2014-09-19 17:26:00 / 7451
  • Firm

    Firm Resume Template

    Very classy and professional full-page two-column sample. Lots of sections included for key skills, awards, and attributes. Red and blue titles add touch of colour. Great example for those with substantial work experience.

    • Size: 183 B
    • Downloads: 15769
    • Filename: firm.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-08 16:48:00 / 6086
  • Award Winner

    Award Winner Resume Template

    Two-column layout with profile photo. Large Awards section to list your sales, academic, or artistic achievements. Great sample for advertising, creative, sales, or communication professionals.

    • Size: 183 B
    • Downloads: 10472
    • Filename: award-winner.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-08 16:15:00 / 6062
  • Aristocratic

    Aristocratic Resume Template

    Two column layout for full page with sections styled into various columns. Light gray divider lines and red and blue titles. Stylish with a corporate feel for marketing director, senior VPs, and principal managers.

    • Size: 183 B
    • Downloads: 9987
    • Filename: aristocratic.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-08 17:05:00 / 6104
  • Executive Elegant

    Executive Elegant Resume Template

    Traditional classic layout with a high-end executive feel. Great use of bordered headings, indented bullets and tabbed text to create an elegant professional look.

    • Size: 183 B
    • Downloads: 8245
    • Filename: executive-elegant.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-06 11:47:00 / 4983
  • Bold Simplicity

    Bold Simplicity Resume Template

    A round portrait option makes this sample a bit different. Then a strong opening statement in bold lettering is great for impact, and makes the reader want to find out more about you. At the end of the resume a simple scale allows you to give a snapshot of your levels of competence.

    • Size: 183 B
    • Downloads: 8241
    • Filename: bold-simplicity.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-06 11:32:00 / 4946
  • Polished

    Polished Resume Template

    Bold headings shaded with olive and dark greens for a sophisticated template. Managers, administrators, directors, and accountants take advantage of the three-columned skills area and oversized sections for experience, certificates, and licenses.

    • Size: 183 B
    • Downloads: 7718
    • Filename: polished.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-07 20:43:00 / 5812
  • Split Page

    Split Page Resume Template

    Two-column format used for the whole page offers lots of section areas. Light grays for headers and dashed section dividers as well as shaded background to highlight key work experience.

    • Size: 183 B
    • Downloads: 7466
    • Filename: split-page.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-08 15:47:00 / 6038
  • New Agenda

    New Agenda Resume Template

    Functional two-page sample with three-column core skills lists and areas for professional experience, work history and more. Great resume style for those looking to switch industries.

    • Size: 183 B
    • Downloads: 7451
    • Filename: new-agenda.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-08 17:00:00 / 6098
  • Check It Off

    Check It Off Resume Template

    Checkmarks for bullets with blue, green, and gray fonts catch the eye. Underlines connect job titles to dates. Analysts, developers, academia, or health care template.

    • Size: 183 B
    • Downloads: 5468
    • Filename: check.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-08 15:51:00 / 6044
  • Airy Traditional

    Airy Traditional Resume Template

    Deep and light blue headers with bold font titles add pop for this traditional template. Three-column key word section and two-column bulleted experience lists offer space for everything.

    • Size: 183 B
    • Downloads: 5238
    • Filename: airy-traditional.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-08 11:43:00 / 5899
  • Inverse

    Inverse Resume Template

    Want the focus to be on your opening statement? This resume does that. Make your pitch for this job a real eye opener.

    • Size: 183 B
    • Downloads: 3794
    • Filename: inverse.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-06 11:33:00 / 4949
  • Solid Segments

    Solid Segments Resume Template

    Two-column layout with block paragraph descriptions. Light blues and grays for headers, dates, and titles. Excellent sample for business, IT, administrative, or counselling.

    • Size: 183 B
    • Downloads: 3631
    • Filename: solid-segments.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-08 15:43:00 / 6035