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Although it is said not to judge a book by its cover, when it comes to a research project, a term paper, an assignment, a report, a book, or a class assignment, the cover makes the first impression.

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Also called the title page, the cover page is the front most page of a document, and it sets the tone for what the document is about. It is of absolute significance since it carries the title of the document. It is imperative that it be designed in a way that whomever holds the publication can quickly determine what it is about and whom it is intended for. A well designed and properly formatted page catches the attention of the reader and gives a professional look to your document.

Proper format and content

The cover page of a document or a book should be designed in such a way that:

  1. it reflects a concise insight of the document.
  2. it captures the attention of the person for whom it is written.

The format of a cover will depend on the nature of the publication. Typical formats include:

Academic documents

If you are making a cover for a research, assignment, or term paper, it is very important that you check with your instructor before creating the document. Your instructor will usually provide specific instructions on how the document should be prepared, and what it should include, such as:

  • Title of the document
  • Author’s name
  • Author’s institution
  • Tutor’s name
  • Date or due date of document

Business documents

To ensure that all company documents follow the same guidelines and look similar in their layout and format, a company might have established their own corporate style, and may even have produced a brand book for employees to follow. This policy also helps to enforce brand recognition. Check with your marketing department for corporate guidelines, or search the intranet for similar documents.

  • The company’s name and its logo
  • Document version
  • Submission Date
  • Date


With books, you can unleash your creativity. On the cover should clearly be the title and the author’s name, but all else is optional. You can choose any style you like. If the design “sells” your book, i.e. makes people want to open it and read it, it is a good design.

  • Book title
  • Author’s name
  • Graphic
  • ISBN number
  • Publisher’s name
  • Copyright information
  • Publication date

Free printable cover and title templates

Designing a beautiful, well-formatted template is a tedious task. It requires time to search for a relevant image, identify appealing colors and styles, choose an appropriate font, and set spacing and margins. If you are not sure what the title page should look like, you must also decide what to write and where to place it in the document. If you don’t have much time to create a new document template from scratch, or don’t know how to do it yourself, our pre-made cover page templates will save you a lot of time. They include standard components commonly found in cover pages.

Our templates are absolutely free and fully editable. Download the file you like, and then edit it with Microsoft Word, OpenOffice or Mac Pages. No registration is necessary, and the documents are distributed under Creative Commons license so they are truly free to download and use.

Formal Report / Document Cover Samples

free formal cover page sample
  • Annual Report cover sample
  • Purple pattern formal cover
  • Blue Annual Report title page sample
  • Formal Design with blue sidebar
  • Header Weaves research report
  • Purple Circles cover design
  • Formal title page design
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Creative Cover Samples

free creative cover and title samples
  • Technology design cover
  • Intelligent solutions cover page
  • Red background abstract cover page
  • Yellow lines professional theme
  • Stylish book cover page
  • Black grunge explosion design
  • Professional elegant lines cover page
  • Romantic cover page
  • … and more!

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APA format Cover Samples

Typical APA style terms paper cover page sample
  • Typical APA style term paper
  • Standard format with title in the middle
  • Two authors, same affiliations
  • Two authors, two affiliations
  • Three authors, two affiliations
  • Three authors, three affiliations
  • Three authors, same affiliations for the first and third authors
  • One author, one affiliation
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