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What is an invoice?

An Invoice is a commercial document that is issued by a seller to a buyer. It lists goods or services rendered, along with itemized prices and quantities, and a total amount due. Unless paid in advance, payment for rendered goods or services is due by buyer to the seller. Simply put, an invoice is a request for payment.

Very often you will see another word, a bill. These two words are generally used interchangeably, even though they don't mean the exact same thing. Unlike an invoice, a bill requests a payment for goods or services previously supplied. Simply put, a bill, just like an invoice, is a request for payment.

Free invoice templates: search and download

Creating a document from scratch could take a lot of time. Making tables, aligning components, choosing right fonts and colors, creating formulas to get your data automated... That's a lot of work! Good news is, we've done all the donkey work. Our samples provide basic structure and layout, so all you have to do is fill out the blanks.

Here is our promise to you: no payment, no registration, no installation, no hassle. Our documents are compatible with Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, OpenOffice, Google Spreadsheets, Mac Numbers and Mac Pages.


Professional Proforma sample
  • Proforma spreadsheet calculates total
  • Simple proforma
  • Simple blue theme in Word
  • Basic Proforma Invoice Template in Word
  • Compact proforma sample
  • ... and more!
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Service Invoice

Service sample
  • Simple Service Bill hourly
  • Basic format with banner
  • Basic format for billing hourly with banner
  • Simple artistic design
  • Service Invoice Template for consulting
  • Format for labor and parts
  • ... and more!
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Sales Invoice

Sales and Purchase sample
  • Simple Sales Bill
  • Sales Invoice in Excel
  • Sample Spreadsheet Calculates Total With Tax
  • Sample with optional sales tax
  • Sample with remittance slip
  • Sample for Spare Parts
  • ... and more!
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Invoices for writers, designers, consulting

Sample for consulting
  • Service Invoice for article writers
  • Colorful hourly design
  • Service Template for consulting
  • Sample Service Bill spreadsheet
  • Basic format with banner
  • Basic format for billing hourly with banner
  • Sample for hourly rate
  • ... and more!
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Waybill sample
  • Simple packing list in Excel
  • Simple Packing Slip in Word
  • Packing List Order
  • Packing List with buyer and vendor codes
  • Packing Slip by number of boxes
  • Packing Slip with Return Form
  • Packing Slip with order and ship quantity
  • ... and more!
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Rent receipt

Rent receipt sample
  • Printable Rent receipt
  • Rental receipt in Excel
  • Property Rent Invoice in Excel
  • Simple rent slip
  • Receipt Book Sample
  • Minimal receipt design three per page
  • Rent Invoice for tax
  • ... and more!
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Travel bill

Travel bill sample
  • Travel Invoice Bill
  • Travel service Bill
  • ... and more!
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Project Estimate

Work estimate example
  • Work estimate template in Excel
  • Simple Job Estimate with tax
  • Project estimate in Excel
  • Hourly Job Estimate
  • Project cost and profit estimate
  • Project Cost Estimate
  • ... and more!
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Roofing Invoices

Work estimate example
  • Hourly invoice in Excel
  • Simple Sales Invoice in Excel
  • Project estimate in Excel
  • Sales Invoice by Unit
  • Sales invoice with shipping details
  • ... and more!
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