7 Report Cover Page Templates for Business Documents

Professional and Fully Editable Templates for Microsoft Word

report cover and title page templates

Report Cover Page is the first page of a document, and it displays its title. It is a page that tells reader main information about the document: what it is about, who wrote it, when, etc. The format will vary depending on the purpose and the audience, but you usually will want to include the author, file name, file version, and the date.

You can use the templates below as a cover page for different types of reports, including: annual reports, research reports, marketing reports, technical reports, progress reports, financial reports, audit report, test report, project reports, project plans, or proposals. These reports are usually quite formal so we made our designs very clean and neutral. If you are looking for something more creative, be sure to check other cover page designs we have.

Cover Page Templates below are very formal and professional. You may use them as business or project title template, professional research title page, annual report title page, or proposal cover page. They are designed in Microsoft Word, all US letter size, you can easily change the page size to be A4 if you are in Europe. If you are looking for something less formal, please check other types of free report cover templates we have.

Other printable Report Cover Templates in Word

Annual Report Cover Page


Financial report blue color theme.

  • Size: 52.67 kB
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  • Filename: Annual-Report-Cover-Sample.docx
  • Uploaded: 2013-05-16 09:59:00 / 3032

Purple pattern formal design


Professional and elegant neutral corporate design. Easily change pattern color to match your corporate style.

  • Size: 17.37 kB
  • Downloads: 18,366
  • Filename: Purple-pattern-formal-cover.docx
  • Uploaded: 2013-05-16 10:01:00 / 3034

Blue Annual Report title page template


Multi-purpose flexible corporate design.

  • Size: 49.61 kB
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  • Filename: Blue-Annual-Report-title-page-sample.docx
  • Uploaded: 2013-05-16 10:04:00 / 3036

Formal Design with blue vertical lines


Neutral formal corporate theme. The color of blue sidebar can be easily changed to match your corporate style.

  • Size: 46.85 kB
  • Downloads: 21,766
  • Filename: Formal-Design-with-blue-sidebar.docx
  • Uploaded: 2013-05-16 10:06:00 / 3038

Dark Blue Weaves Research Report


Research report cover sample idea with curvy header element.

  • Size: 48.84 kB
  • Downloads: 13,720
  • Filename: Header-Weaves-Research-Report.docx
  • Uploaded: 2013-05-16 10:07:00 / 3040

Purple circles Abstract template design


Geometrical simple and neutral design.

  • Size: 51.81 kB
  • Downloads: 6,505
  • Filename: Purple-circles-cover-design.docx
  • Uploaded: 2013-05-16 10:09:00 / 3042