17 Infographic Resume Templates

Unique and Creative unique resume layouts to tell a story

Boast Infographic, or visual, resumes have become increasingly popular in recent years, but it’s important to know when to use them.

An imaginatively designed infographic resume can certainly help you stand out in the crowd of job seekers, but be aware that managers typically spend only a few seconds looking at each resume. Not presenting your relevant qualities up front could mean that all your hard work will be wasted.

Visual resumes are not for every industry or role, so make sure they are appropriate for yours. What can be viewed as innovative and original in creative industries, such as marketing and design, and start-up enterprises in general, can easily be considered amateurish and unprofessional in others.

Many employers, particularly larger corporations, now routinely use Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to process the high volume of applications they receive. So, however visually eye-catching your infographic resume may be, it is likely to be rejected if it lacks the necessary keywords. If you know that your potential employer is using ATS, then be sure to use an ATS-Optimized resume template. Also, consider presenting your infographic resume in person, perhaps at an event like a job fair or a networking event, or consider using it alongside a more traditional text resume.Presentation Slide

Familiar techniques such as bar, line, and pie charts will take you only so far. To really stand out from your competition you’ll need to use more sophisticated data visualization techniques. But be careful not to go overboard with your design; it’s important to keep your resume as simple and as brief as possible. Too many colors or an over-complicated confusing layout – so-called “chart junk”- can be an immediate turn-off for your prospective employer or client.

Use A Good Template

If you’re not very experienced in using the necessary software, the creation of an effective infographic resume can seem daunting. Fortunately there are now many readily available and easy to use templates. If you are familiar with Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop, or would prefer using Microsoft Word, then the following will be valuable resources.

Abode Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator Infographic Resume Templates

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Microsoft Office Infographic Resume Templates

  • Boast

    Boast Resume Template

    Two-column layout with multiple sections for designer, computer, or education professionals with blue shading for headers and oversized blue squares to rank your key strengths.

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    • Filename: 198-Boast.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-08 18:47:00 / 6183
  • Presentation Slide

    Presentation Slide Resume Template

    Broadcast yourself with this sample. Red, green, blue, and yellow provide style for header backgrounds and timeline chart. Light-gray metered graphs rank your skills expertise.

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    • Filename: 174-Presentation-Slide.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-08 17:11:00 / 6110
  • Sequences

    Sequences Resume Template

    Triangle flow diagrams showcase and connect your achievements. Light tans and reds used for shading with soft gray section titles. Programmer, accountant, or engineer feel for this sample.

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    • Filename: 140-Sequences.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-08 13:47:00 / 6005
  • Bright Dots

    Bright Dots Resume Template

    The pastel colours brighten up this example. Coloured dots make each experience stand out along with the dot graphs ranking your skills. Creative, public relations, event planners take a look.

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    • Filename: 75-Bright-Dots.docx
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  • On a Scale

    On a Scale Resume Template

    Presentation report style that uses bar graphs and grades to rank your skills and strengths. Blue tones for shading and icon with muted reds for section titles. A+ for graphic designers, translators, writers, and marketing.

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    • Filename: 79-On-a-Scale.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-06 20:37:00 / 5768
  • Deep Blue Technology

    Deep Blue Technology Resume Template

    Network and programming administrators, human resource professionals, and managers use this sample with blue shades, profile picture, and serif fonts for appeal. Rate yourself with bar meters in the Skills and Personal areas.

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    • Filename: 128-Deep-Blue-Technology.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-08 13:13:00 / 5969
  • Sales Report

    Sales Report Resume Template

    Present your expertise through the red bar chart for achievements and bar meter for your strengths. Light blue backgrounds and shading define sections. Summaries of qualifications and bulleted lists fill the page with your expertise.

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    • Filename: 137-Sales-Report.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-08 13:41:00 / 5996
  • Two-Tone Colour

    Two-Tone Colour Resume Template

    Clear headings that cover all the essential elements, with a moderate use of colour to highlight each area.

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    • Filename: 1-Two-Tone-Colour.docx
    • Uploaded: 2014-05-04 21:42:00 / 4883
  • Tabbed

    Tabbed Resume Template

    Vertical, orange-tabbed section titles with white background on light blue-shaded page highlight all your accomplishments. Great sample for librarians, administrators, teachers, or customer service.

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    • Filename: 181-Tabbed.docx
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  • Scale

    Scale Resume Template

    This resume shows at a glance which are your strongest areas. Make sure your strengths match the essential job criteria.

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    • Filename: 59-Scale.docx
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  • Step Meters

    Step Meters Resume Template

    Excellent template to highlight and assess your skills with the step meters. Dark and light blue backgrounds with white and bold font types provide brightness.

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    • Filename: 124-Step-Meters.docx
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  • Orange STEM Skills

    Orange STEM Skills Infographic Resume

    This template is ideal for technically oriented professionals who need to convey competence in STEM-related skills in a way that is easy to understand quickly. It breaks down important sets of technical skills that could take ages to describe and conveys them in an easy-to-read simplistic graphical form that hiring managers will love. Add to that, the well-placed mug shot for a touch of personality and you have a winning combination of smart, and accessible.

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  • Strong Headlines

    Strong Headlines Infographic Resume

    The simple resume template fits everything neatly into a small amount of space. It does this by making strong use of graphics and a smart typographical layout. A sharp photo, followed by to-the-point headlines, and a strong finish with easy-to-read graphical data make this resume template a job winner.

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  • Skilful Flat

    Skilful Flat Infographic Resume

    This bold resume design is perfect for individuals who want to stress general skills and ratings over specific company experience. By placing skills directly beneath a photo of the applicant, it establishes a strong personal connection to industry competence. Work experience follows beneath the “skills” section.

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    • Filename: 287-Skilful-Flat.docx
    • Uploaded: 2017-03-19 22:35:00 / 87604
  • Practical Bold  

    Practical Bold Infographic Resume

    This resume template delivers a very utilitarian feel for practical and smart professionals. It is bold, simple, and right to the point. Its strength is in its ability to convey vital information very rapidly.

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    • Filename: 286-Practical-Bold.docx
    • Uploaded: 2017-03-19 22:41:00 / 87626
  • Pink Timeline

    Pink Timeline Infographic Resume

    The Resume Template is friendly and direct with an approach that is both personable and data-rich. When you need to convey personality, a photo is hard to beat. Combine that with easy to ready data that will get the hiring manager on your side and you have a very powerful resume format. This template is ideal for artistic positions or anything creative that still requires objective results from applicants.

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