Free Church Flyer Templates

How Churches Can Use Flyers to Promote Events

While churches aren’t for-profit businesses, religious institutions can still promote themselves using marketing tactics that have been proven in the business world. Churches aren’t in the business of selling, but they can use flyers to spread the word about church-related events. The templates you’ll find on this page suit various purposes, including everything from detailing a church’s weekly schedule to announcing upcoming concerts. You can also build your own resume.

How Churches Can Use Flyers for Promotion

Churches do more than simply hold services on weekends. They also serve the community in important ways such as holding Bible study during the week, providing meals for the homeless, or hosting charity events. As important as these functions are, they are only effective when they have active participation. The question for churches, then, is how can they get the word out about different events and activities?

One answer to this need is flyers. Marquees can speak to passersby, and bulletin boards can inform people who are already parishioners. But flyers can announce upcoming events and issue invitations beyond the walls of the church. Various designs on this page offer a range of looks, but they all make it clear that a religious organization is involved.

Your church probably offers much more than just Bible study. Use church event flyers to put out information regarding:

  • Men’s and women’s conferences
  • Weddings
  • Youth events
  • Members’ classes
  • Group meetings
  • Church fundraisers
  • Communion or Confirmation meetings
  • Picnics
  • Easter Sunday services
  • Worship rallies
  • Baptism classes
  • Adoption seminars

Do’s and Don’ts for Church Flyers

To get your message across clearly, make sure you adopt best practices when designing your flyer.

Do: Use the flyer as a starting point. You don’t want a flyer crammed with text, so if you have a lot to say, put the most important information on it and then include a website address so that people will go online to get the remaining facts. Make it clear that they should go to the site by using a phrase like “Read more at our website,” “Get more details at our church website,” or something similar.

Do: Make the most important information highly visible. If your event is a concert, make sure the words “Concert” or “Gospel Concert” are the biggest on the flyer. People should be able to quickly understand what you’re announcing.

Don’t: Simply rely on a graphic to get your point across. While people recognize religious symbols like images of Jesus, crosses and doves, you still must include necessary information because an image won’t clearly convey your message. Attractive graphics are a backdrop and add to your theme, but you have to use the right words so that people know what you’re promoting.

Don’t: Use complicated or overly religious jargon. Christian flyers can attract church members, but they may also reach non-members or church visitors. Anyone who’s not familiar with church teachings or services may be put off by confusing language.

Free Church Flyer Templates

To make it easy to customize your chosen template, each of these free flyers is editable in Microsoft Word. Downloading a template is an easier and quicker way to create a flyer than designing one from scratch and having to locate images to use. Once you download your template, open it in Word and add your own text. You can adjust placement as needed to create the exact look you want.

The following templates make it easy for your church to promote special events, inform members and non-members of your regular Sunday schedule, issue invitations to Bible study, and tell everyone about upcoming gospel concerts or events such as vacation Bible school. You can customize the templates to include all the information you think is needed.