16 Free Printable DIY Raffle Flyer Templates

Promote your fundraiser event with our printable raffle templates

Organizing a fundraiser and raffle can be a time-consuming activity and requires a lot of planning and work. One thing you want to focus on is raising awareness. After all, organizing a perfect event nobody attends won’t get you any closer to reaching your goal.

What makes a good raffle flyer?

To be effective a flyer should contain all of the essential information the raffle ticket buyer might be interested in. Information should be neatly arranged so that it is easy to find and answers all of the viewer’s immediate questions. Here are a few examples of information typically found on raffle flyers:

  • Price of the raffle ticket(s)
  • Brief description or picture of prizes being offered
  • What the money is being raised for and who it will benefit
  • When the drawing will be held
  • How the winners will be notified
  • Contact information

Raise awareness and publicize:

  • Contact media (newspapers, radio, and television) who are in the business of covering local news and events.
  • Consider paid advertising (ads in a local newspaper, online banner ads, etc.)
  • See if event sponsors can help – they are just as interested in good media exposure as you are
  • Hand out of hang posters and flyers
  • Distribute press releases
  • Use social networks

If you are using flyers and posters to promote your event, consider using our perfectly designed raffle flyer templates to save a lot of time and effort.

We also have Free Raffle Ticket templates and detailed tutorial on how to create your own customized raffle tickets with Microsoft Word mail merge.

Free raffle flyer templates

Below you will find a number of different designs for various types of fundraising and raffle events: prize or cash raffle, raffle with one or several prizes, donation, fundraising for a cause, 50/50 raffle, and more. You can use these templates as samples to get an idea for creating your own flyer or you can use them as they are by simply adding your own text.

The templates contain text boxes which have already been formatted to contain essential information pertaining to your raffle. The raffle template only needs to be edited to provide the information that is needed such as time, date and contact information.