Certificate Templates

Choose from 100+ free certificate templates to download and edit and create professional certificates at home
Would you like to create a professional-looking certificate but don’t have the design skills or know-how? Well, there’s no need to use fancy software or an online certificate maker. We have more than 100 free, editable certificate templates ready for you to download and customize for any occasion. Browse our collection to find a certificate design that suits your needs; we have samples for participation certificates, gift certificates, award certificates, and much more.

How to Make a Certificate

Here are the steps to follow when designing a certificate that is both functional and visually appealing:
  • Download a template – You first need to select a certificate template that is appropriate for your needs and suits the occasion. Whether it be for the completion of a course, the creation of a gift voucher, or just for fun, simply save the document to your computer and you’re ready to customize it.
  • Insert relevant text – The most prominent text near the top should include the certificate type, e.g. “Certificate of Completion” and the recipient’s name. Other text placed underneath may include information about what the certificate is for, the date that it was awarded and a signature from a relevant representative.
  • Choose your design – Ensure you select a legible font that can be read from a distance, and choose colors that complement your existing branding, including your logo (if applicable). If you wish to use images, you can either upload and insert your own or you can download royalty-free stock images from sites such as Pexels and Freepik.
  • Proofread for errors – Before saving and printing out your certificate, check for any spelling or grammatical mistakes. This will ensure you have a document that looks polished and professional. If you will be producing multiple copies, it is a good idea to first print out a draft to make sure there are no errors and that it is still visually appealing when in hard copy form.
  • Print and present your certificate – Choosing a high-quality paper or card stock to print your certificate on will ensure you have a final product that looks professional.

Free Certificate Templates

Choose from more than 100 certificate templates in Microsoft Word to create a professional-looking certificate in a matter of minutes. Templates are organized by certificate type – learn more about a particular certificate and how it is used by clicking on the relevant link.

Christmas Gift Certificate

The holiday season is the time of year when we spend the most money on gift-giving, but if you’re stuck for ideas, why not create something unique using one of our Christmas gift certificate templates.
Christmas Gift Certificate sample
  • Santa Claus Ho-Ho-Ho gift Certificate Template
  • Red Christmas Tree Free Gift Certificate
  • Red and yellow stars
  • Gray Christmas
  • Old Paper Design
  • Snowman Design Printable Gift Certificate
  • Holiday Decorations
  • Neutral Basic Gift Certificate
  • … and more!
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Certificate of Completion

Our certificate of completion templates can help you add value to any program – from kindergarten classrooms to employee inductions, from Boy Scout troops to martial arts studios.
Completion Certificate Templates
  • Course Completion Certificate
  • Generic Certificate of Competition
  • Project Completion Certificate
  • Work Completion Certificate Template
  • Blank Excellence Certificate Of Completion
  • Degree Completion Certificate
  • … and more!
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Award and Achievement Certificate

Recognize competence or celebrate key milestones with award certificates. Whether acknowledging achievement, merit or honor, our award certificate templates are a convenient way to acknowledge others’ successes or show your appreciation for their efforts.
Award Certificate Templates
  • Certificate of Achievement Template
  • Basketball Award Certificate
  • Best Project Award Certificate
  • Merit Certificate Template
  • Blank Contribution Award Template
  • Blank Prize Certificate
  • Printable Award Certificate Template
  • Academic Achievement Certificate Template
  • … and more!
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Certificate of Acceptance

Whether you need a specialized document such as a code compliance certificate or a territorial authority form, free downloadable acceptance certificate templates will allow you to show acceptance of a project or service efficiently and professionally.
Acceptance Certificate Templates
  • Generic certificate of acceptance
  • … and more!
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Certificate of Appreciation

Demonstrate that you recognize the hard work of your employees, students or volunteers using our certificate of appreciation templates. Make the recipient feel special with a personalized memento of their positive contribution.
Appreciation Certificate Templates
  • Blank Certificate of Appreciation
  • Employee Appreciation Certificate
  • Sample Certificate of Appreciation
  • Sample Of Certificates Of Appreciation Template
  • Volunteer Certificate of Appreciation
  • Appreciation For Donation Certificate
  • … and more!
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Certificate of Excellence

Enhance your employee or student recognition program with a certificate of excellence; a fantastic way to give recognition to your top performers, boost morale and encourage ongoing high achievement.
Excellence Certificate Templates
  • Blank Excellence Certificate Of Completion
  • Certificate Of Excellence Being Awesome
  • Employee Excellence Certificate
  • Simple Certificate of Excellence
  • Excellence Award Certificate.doc
  • … and more!
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Certificate of Membership

If you run a club, institution or organization, distributing membership certificates will demonstrate your professionalism and enhance the sense of belonging. Offer lifelong memberships or welcome someone into your organization with our membership certificate templates.
Membership Certificate Templates
  • Blank Membership Certificate
  • Certificate of Church Membership
  • Certificate of Membership Template
  • Church Membership Certificate
  • Printable Membership Certificate
  • … and more!
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Certificate of Origin

If you are in the business of exporting goods, you may require a certificate of origin to prove that your goods have been manufactured, produced or processed in the originating country. Download, edit and print a suitable certificate using our certificate of origin templates.
Certificate of Origin Templates
  • Certificate of Origin Sample
  • Certificate of Origin Template for Merchandise
  • Certificate of Origin Template
  • … and more!
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Certificate of Participation

If you manage activities, events, training sessions, competitions, or financial exchanges, you may wish to make use of our certificates of participation. Our templates can also be used to demonstrate compliance with a legal or regulatory requirement.
Participation Certificate Templates
  • Printable Certificate Of Participation
  • Program Participation Certificate
  • Workshop Participation Certificate
  • Training
  • … and more!
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Certificate of Recognition

Show how much you appreciate those people who have made a valuable contribution or have dedicated their time and skills; we have a variety of recognition certificate samples and templates for you to download and edit.
Recognition Certificate Templates
  • Donation Recognition Certificate.doc
  • Basic Certificate of Recognition Example
  • Employee Of The Month Recognition Certificate
  • Simple Certificate of Recognition
  • Teacher Certificate Of Recognition
  • … and more!
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Degree Certificate

Whether you’re an educator who wishes to show recognition to students, or you’re looking for a unique gift for a loved one, you’re sure to find something suitable from our range of degree certificate templates.
Degree Certificate Templates
  • Certificate of Graduation
  • College Degree Fake Certificate
  • Fake Degree Certificate Template
  • Graduation Certificate Template
  • Graduation Diploma Degree Certificate
  • PhD Degree Certificate
  • Phony Diploma Template
  • … and more!
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Donation Certificate

If you manage a charity, use our donation certificate templates to show your appreciation of donor contributions in a sincere and professional way.
Donation Certificate Templates
  • Appreciation For Donation Certificate
  • Certificate of Appreciation for Donation Example
  • Certificate of Appreciation for Donation
  • Blood Donation Certificate
  • Certificate of Donation
  • Donation Gift Certificate Template
  • Donation Recognition Certificate
  • … and more!
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Fake Certificate

It’s time to get creative and have some using our fake certificate templates. You can duplicate birth certificates, marriage certificates and divorce certificates. You could even create a gag gift or novelty certificate complete with an imitation wax seal.
Fake Certificate Templates
  • Baby Birth Certificate
  • Baptism Certificate Template
  • Cute Printable Birth Certificate Template
  • DIY Birth Certificate Card
  • Elegant Marriage Certificate Template
  • Fake Divorce Decree Certificate
  • Fake Marriage Certificate Template
  • Simple Printable Birth Certificate
  • … and more!
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Gift Certificate

Whatever the occasion, gift certificates are a great way to spoil a loved one and show how much you care. Maybe you want to create a professional spa gift certificate or treat someone to a movie and dinner night; we can help you design the perfect gift voucher.
Gift Certificate Templates
  • Dinner and Movie Gift Certificate
  • Flowers Gift Card
  • Golf Gift Certificate
  • Massage Spa Gift Certificate Template
  • Mcdonalds Gift Certificate
  • Printable Discount Gift Voucher
  • Blank Free Gift Certificate Template
  • … and more!
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Medical Certificate

Whether you’re a busy human resources employee who doesn’t have the time to deal with missing or illegible medical information, or a general practitioner who wishes you had more time to explain treatment plans to your patients, medical certificate templates can make your life easier.
Medical Certificate Sample
  • Medical Certificate Template
  • … and more!
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No Objection Certificate

With our no objection certificate templates, we can help you obtain authorization for such purposes as employment, immigration, travel and building or remodeling.
No Objection Certificates
  • No Objection Certificate Property
  • No Objection Certificate Study
  • … and more!
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Training Certificate

You may be looking to hand out certificates for an in-house corporate training program, for an accredited qualification or as a memento or keepsake. Professional training certificate templates to help you creating a certificate that is credible and beautifully designed. An in-house corporate training program, an accredited qualification or a memento or keepsake – whatever the reason, find the best layout for your needs.
No Objection Certificates
  • Army Training Certificate Template
  • Certificate of Professional Training
  • … and more!
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