Training Certificate Templates

Simple And Professional Way To Recognize The Time And Effort Of Your Students Or Employees
In the widest sense, a training certificate, which is also known as “certificate of completion”, “award certificate”, and “certificate of training”, is awarded after the successful completion of a training program. Our training certificate templates are designed to meet a range of different needs and circumstances, including in-company training programs, official certifications, and shorter training sessions.

Using Training Program Certificates

Training program certificates are usually awarded by either government-accredited organizations, such as universities (which means that formal permission has been given to award a qualification), or by independent institutions and companies running their own training programs. They can also be given informally for the completion of an activity or challenge. Dog training completion certificates, for example, are commonly awarded as light-hearted mementos. Training certificate templates used for these these types of completion certificates tend to be more amusing in their design. In the majority of cases, the purpose of a training certificate is to act as proof of training for employers or clients to recognize. The completion of certain training programs is often held in high regard by employers in certain industries. Some company training programs and their corresponding certificates of training, such as those offered by Google, can hold as much esteem as an official diploma or degree. Certificates are often referenced on CVs and resumes. When awarded by well known and respected organizations, they can carry a great deal of credibility.

Different Types of Training Certificates

What’s the difference between a training certificate, a certificate of completion, a free certificate, and a certification?Certifications:
  • are usually awarded by government-recognized institutions on the basis of assessment, and not merely for having undertaken a training program.
  • are given when a candidate has met certain criteria, usually in the form of passing a test or an evaluation. This type of certification attests to their professional abilities. Most often, certifications can only be awarded by institutions that have formally been given permission to do so and whose training programs are heavily regulated.
  • can be given by any organization in recognition of having completed any form of training program.
  • indicate that the recipient has completed training in a particular field. Anyone can award a certificate, and a certificate may be given in recognition of a certification. You might also hear the phrase “certificate of completion” or “free certificate” to describe them. The difference between the two can be confusing but the training completion certificate templates offered here can be used in conjunction with both individual training sessions, whole training programs, and certifications.
Training certificate templates:
  • are suitable for either certifications or completion of training programs

Corporate training certificate templates for in-house training programs

Corporate training certificate templates are among the most widely used. They usually demonstrate some type of industry training. It’s always good to include a signature from the head of the organization along with the particular type of training that the recipient has undergone. If a particular training program or training session has been undertaken, include its title. For example, “Dog training funny tricks 6-week intensive.” Most training certificate templates will have space to allow for all of these additions.

Accredited training certificate templates

Certificates that are awarded for achieving an accredited certification should look professional. They should include the name of the awarding body, the specific qualification that is being awarded or the training program completed, and the date of certification. These certificates will usually not be official documents but are intended for display purposes. Use a free training certificate template that can display all of the information above in a readable and polished way.

Informal training certificate templates or free certificates

Certificates awarded as mementos or keepsakes. As mentioned earlier, dog training certificate templates are a good example. They don’t carry any real credibility, and playful, colourful designs work well. There is a range of training programs that can fit into this category and, if offered as part of a paid course, it can be an opportunity to advertise.

How to Use a Free Resume Template

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Free Resume Templates

Free Training Certificate Examples

There’s no “one size fits all” approach when it comes to designing a good award certificate, and the free training certificate templates below are suitable for many different circumstances. All of our free training certificate templates are fully editable and can be used for any training program or training session. Keep the tips outlined above in mind and you’ll be well on your way to designing the perfect certificate!

Army Training Certificate

Army Training Certificate
  • Size: 362 KB
  • Downloads: 6924
  • Filename: Army-Training-Certificate.docx

Certificate of Professional Training

Certificate of Professional Training
  • Size: 183 B
  • Downloads: 15135
  • Filename: certificate-professional-training.docx

Elegant Training Certificate Template

Elegant Training Certificate Template
  • Size: 37 KB
  • Downloads: 12055
  • Filename: Elegant-Training-Certificate-Template.docx

Firefighter Training Certificate Template

Firefighter Training Certificate Template
  • Size: 261 KB
  • Downloads: 7438
  • Filename: Firefighter-Training-Certificate-Template.docx

Fitness Training Certificate

Fitness Training Certificate
  • Size: 201 KB
  • Downloads: 13623
  • Filename: Fitness-Training-Certificate.docx

Elegant Training Completion Certificate

Elegant Training Completion Certificate
  • Size: 64 KB
  • Downloads: 24482
  • Filename: Elegant-Training-Completion-Certificate.docx

Personal Training Gift Certificate

Personal Training Gift Certificate
  • Size: 120 KB
  • Downloads: 7465
  • Filename: Personal-Training-Gift-Certificate.docx