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Resumes are like handshakes; every single one is unique and hopefully leaves a lasting impression. You’ve found your way to our Hall of Fame page featuring our top 10 free resume templates, the best of the best created by the Hloom.com team. While we have hundreds of designs on our site, here you’ll find the best template for each format, purpose and category that integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, Mac Pages, Google Docs and PDFs.

The Best Resume Template For You

Think of your resume as a selling tool — a tool that presents you, your work history and skills to potential employers. For those early in their professional careers, resumes are relatively straightforward, while those for mid- or late-career professionals are a bit more challenging.

And, if you are looking to change careers or industries, the challenge is even greater.

So, let’s start with defining the different resume formats, and outlining who they work best for.

Chronological Resume Format

Undoubtedly the most common resume, the chronological format lists every job you’ve had, starting with the most recent.

Chronological resumes are best for:

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  • Mid-career professionals with an extensive employment history
  • Those with a work history that shows progress and forward movement along a relatively narrow career path
  • Recent graduates with experience in the field through paid jobs or internships
  • Individuals who worked with nationally or internationally recognized companies
  • Military members looking to transition into civilian positions with similar job functions and responsibilities

Who shouldn’t use a chronological resume:

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  • Individuals with frequent job changes
  • People with substantial gaps in employment
  • Those changing career paths
  • Persons who are overqualified
  • New graduates with no relevant experience

Functional Resume Format

Over the past decade, functional resumes have become more popular because they focus on highlighting one’s abilities and achievements, instead of work history. While some hiring managers and executive recruiters still prefer a chronological resume, more and more are beginning to appreciate the clarity gained from a functional resume.

When brainstorming the information that you want to include in a functional resume, remember that you must focus on responsibilities, skills, experience and achievements.

Functional resumes work best for:

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  • Individuals with significant gaps in work history
  • Those who want to emphasize skills over job titles or companies worked for
  • Job seekers who frequently change jobs
  • Persons who are re-entering the workforce
  • People seeking to transition into a new career

Who shouldn’t use a functional resume:

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  • Professionals with an extensive work history
  • People with forward trajectory on a career path
  • Individuals who spent many years with the same company
  • Job seekers who have no gaps in employment

Combination Resume Format

If neither the chronological nor the functional layout seem like a true fit for your needs, consider the combination resume format. This solves the challenge that some applicants face when more traditional hiring managers prefer chronological details on a resume.

Combination resumes work best for:

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  • Employees with top-notch skills that are a key part of the position sought
  • Those applying for technical, scientific or IT positions that require specific skill sets
  • Individuals looking to change industries and who need to highlight their universal skills over past employment

Who shouldn’t use a combination resume:

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  • Students or recent graduates without significant or relevant skills

Best Resume Format Examples

Our professionally designed templates are easy to download and tailor to your needs. In this section, each is described, and recommendations are given for the types of jobs and organizations for which each template is well-suited. It’s helpful that you’re fairly clear on which format is best to highlight your background, skills and accomplishments before you begin examining these templates in depth.

Chronological Resume

Functional Resume

Combination Resume

Two-Page Resume

Creative Resume

Modern Resume

Clean Resume

Infographic Resume

Simple Resume


Cover Letter Templates

After you’ve selected the best resume template for your needs, remember, there’s another key piece in your resume package; the cover letter. Fortunately, we have hundreds of cover letter templates, as well as a free guide, How to Write a Cover Letter. Use it to truly tailor your application package directly to the job you want.

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