10 Resume Portfolio Templates

Artistic designs for creative professions

These 10 Resume Portfolio Templates are perfect for creative professions who want to show their creativity and showcase work and accomplishments in a visual way. These samples are perfect for anyone who would like to include samples of their work with their resume without making a separate portfolio.

  • Circles


    Bright orange circle charts and graphs used to rank skills, experience, attributes. Display headshots, photos, art work. Great imagery for artistic, creative, design job seekers.

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  • High Impact Multi Colour

    High Impact Multi Colour

    Lots of colour and images that will add an industrial edge to your resume. Customize with examples of your own work to create a great one-page portfolio.

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  • Film Strip

    Film Strip

    Photographers, artists, actors, and illustrators can showcase a mini portfolio with the side film strip while using the dotted bar graphs to promote skills and bulleted sections for work experience.

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  • Picture perfect

    A visually appealing resume template that highlights photographic ability on a single page.

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  • Creative Multi Colour Blocks

    Creative Multi Colour Blocks

    A trio of images and block colours give this resume a graphic, funky style. Easy to customize to showcase your own work.

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  • Creative Picture Column

    Creative Picture Column

    More colour and pictures suggests a greater degree of creativity. Use picture column to showcase your own work or show you at work.

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  • Personal Endorsements

    Personal Endorsements

    This resume stands out because of the highlighted column where you can add pictures of your satisfied customers, bosses or even co-workers. Don't be shy, quote the compliments and praise you have received for your work. This format is also a great way for school leavers to show what their teachers or classmates thought of them, or anyone else who can give you a good character reference.

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  • Picture Timeline

    Picture Timeline

    A great format for showcasing the projects you have been involved in over a period of time. This resume is set out so that each milestone can be summarized by an appropriate image alongside the corresponding text. Represent your achievements in a unique way by customizing the pictures that accompany them.

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  • Picture Feature

    Picture Feature

    For those occasions when the images can say more than the text. This design focusses on showcasing your best work. A simple layout makes it very easy to read.

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  • Four Squares

    Four Squares

    Perfect design for anyone who wants to show everyone what they are capable of. Plenty of space to showcase your best work, neatly divided zones for text and images.

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