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Biodata is an abbreviated term that means Biographical Data. It is a document which contains all factual information about an individual, including personal facts such as date of birth, father’s name, gender, marital status, height, complexion, etc. Biodata also includes data about the individual’s educational and professional history, as well as their skills and hobbies. This important document is usually 1-3 pages in length, and it is often used to apply for employment. The Biodata format is very specific, and in certain countries it must be followed.

Biodata vs. Resume

From the above definition of biodata, it seems difficult to differentiate it from a regular resume, yet there are specific distinctions between a biodata and a resume.

Resume is a French word that means extract or summary. Hence, a resume summarizes the facts about an individual’s personal information, such as educational background, hobbies and interests. It focuses on the most relevant and precise information that pertains to a certain job.

Biodata, on the other hand, focuses on personal information other than just the person’s education and career experience. It includes data that are usually not present on a resume, such as marital status, father’s name, birth date, gender, religion, race, and nationality. Some biodata can even include physical features, like eye color or body complexion.

Biodata Format

An outline of biodata might include the following:

  1. Achievements, qualifications
  2. Interests, passions, strengths, potential
  3. Chronological account of one’s life and their progress

Biodata should give the hiring manager a perspective on who the job candidate is, and what they want to accomplish. It should demonstrate the personal characteristics of a person, as well as their chosen career path. To a hiring manager, biodata is like a sneak peek into someone’s life, a snapshot of their personal and professional characteristics. The employer will be looking to answer questions like:

  • Is this candidate a good fit for the position?
  • Does he or she have personal qualities to be successful?
  • Is their psychological profile a good fit for the team they would be working with?
  • Is the candidate moving forward in their career by acquiring new knowledge and skills, developing positive habits, and adding to their qualifications?

Many companies will have their own biodata format and they may let you know how they want yours prepared. Always enquire to determine if a company prefers that you use their own specific format. Whenever a format is not known or specified, you can use one of the generic templates that we provide below.

When to use a biodata?

If you are from a southern Asian country, including Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka, applicants should use a biodata format to apply for a job. This is because, in South Asian regions, the term biodata is used instead of resume, even though both biodata and resume are similar in content. Another appropriate use of biodata is when an individual is applying for a job that asks for detailed information about the applicant’s past; or when applying for a government or research job.


Depending on the country, a biodata could be any one of the following:

  • an old-fashioned term used for resume
  • identical to a resume / CV (South Asia regions)
  • a format typically used for applying for government job in India
  • a format used for temporary or skilled labor jobs (for example, machine operators, production workers, machinists, cleaners, and so on)
  • is usually very short and basic
  • is often provided as a pre-printed form that needs to be filled out during the application process, typically before an interview

Download free biodata templates

A biodata format is typically only used in the southern Asian region, and it is not as popular in the rest of the world. This makes it very difficult to find biodata templates. Below are editable, printable biodata templates that can be viewed using either OpenOffice or Microsoft Word.

Biodata Template #1

1 Biodata Resume Template
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Biodata Template #2

2 Biodata Resume Template
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Biodata Template #3

3 Biodata Resume Template
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Biodata Template #4

4 Biodata Resume Template
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Biodata Template #5

5 Biodata Resume Template
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Biodata Template #6

6 Biodata Resume Template
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