16 Free Cashier Resume Templates

Free cashier resume templates: customizable and editable, to download and use

Your resume needs to sell you as a qualified cashier who can handle those all-important customer payments and any other duties a potential employer might need. Our resume tips and 16 pre-formatted resume templates will help you with this, to make your resume “talk” like a cashier any employer would want to hire.

The role of a cashier is to receive and record payments from customers. There are two different kinds of cashier jobs: general retail positions and specialized positions.

  • General retail cashier jobs are often entry-level. Many retail cashier positions like grocery store cashiers spend all their time checking out customer purchases but other retail cashier jobs may also involve other tasks as well like answering customer questions or taking inventory.
  • Specialized cashiers, such as casino cashiers and dealership cashiers have skills tailored to the business they are in. Often the job titles for these positions don’t reflect the large amount of cashier work involved: hotel receptionists, bank tellers and hospital billing clerks are examples of this.

How to Write a Cashier Resume

The role of a resume and the general information it contains is the same no matter which field you work in; however, it’s a good idea to bear in mind that you are applying for a cashier position and adapt it accordingly. Below is a list of the concerns you will want to consider while you write your cashier resume. These concerns are the same regardless of whether you’re applying for your very first entry-level cashier position or if you have decades of experience.

Write to the Job Description

No matter what your job field may be, cashier job descriptions for your business sector will list the same group of desired qualifications using the same set of words and phrases. Go through job descriptions for the sort of cashier position you want and make a list of those shared qualifications. When you put your resume together, use that information from cashier job descriptions as a guide for what to include in your resume.

Resume vs. Cover Letter

Your resume and cover letter are two halves of a whole: they work together to convince a potential employer to give you that all-important interview. On this web page, we’re covering how to craft the resume half of the cover letter-resume pair. We have guidance on cover letters elsewhere on our website. Just remember for now that you’ll write a different cashier cover letter for every position you apply for. When you do so, you should use the cashier job description from the help-wanted ad to build on what’s already in your resume, to emphasize and add details tailored to the specific job you want.

Cashier Resume Format

The combination resume format works well for most cashier positions since it gives you places to list both your work experience and your specific job skills; however, if you have no previous work experience and you’re applying for entry-level cashier jobs for the first time, you may want to use a functional resume format instead. One the other hand, if you have a long work history then you could also consider the chronological format as an option.

Cashier Job Objective

You need an objective statement on your resume and it should state your desire for cashier work in clear language tailored to the type of business you are applying to. It should also convey how hiring you will help your employer. Here’s an example for a possible entry-level applicant which could be adapted for almost any cashier position:

“a position where I can be an asset to my employer through the use of my proven people skills and ability in math.”

You may have seen a lot of confusing information about what to do with a resume objective statement, whether to replace it with something else like a career objective or even leave it off. For cashier careers, it is probably best to use a conservative approach as recommended in this Purdue University guide.

It’s a good idea to customize the resume sample of your choice for each job that you send an application to. For example, if the job you’re applying for is at a local mom-and-pop grocery store known for its personal service, you could customize your job objective statement to say something like

“obtaining a cashier position at a hometown store that cares about its customers as people.”

On the other hand, if you don’t intend to customize it in this way, make sure your cashier resume objective statement isn’t too specific.


Your education section should list where you went to high school or college, and when you received your high school diploma or college degree. For college, note what field your bachelor degree was in and list your minor if it was cashier-related like business or accounting. If you went to a technical college or a specialized training school to learn cashier-related skills, don’t forget to put that on your resume too and list what sort of diploma or training you received, like an associate degree in accounting, bank teller training or a completed tax-return-preparation class.

Cashier-Related Certifications and Licenses

Include all certificates or licences related to your field, such as a ServSafe® certificate for restaurant cashiers or fast food employees or a cashier license for working in casinos in Nevada, along with their expiration dates.  A resume section on certificates and licenses is also a good place to list any workplace safety training you’ve had such as OSHA-approved training on lifting, confined-space entry or hazardous materials handling if it applies to the job you’re applying for. If you had training that did not issue a certificate, you can relabel this section “Certificates and Qualifications” instead. You can also move non-certificate training classes to the education or skills section instead.

Cashier Skills

Most cashier jobs share some common characteristics like using some kind of payment system and handling different transaction types. As we have already seen, many cashier positions also include other duties. A potential employer will be looking for these on your resume so if you have previous experience with those skills, be sure to list them. With this in mind, here’s a list of things you will want to include in your work experience or skills sections:

  • all types of cash registers or POS systems used in the past, including cash drawers, touchscreens, barcode scanners, QR code systems, and new mobile systems like Square or PhoneSwipe
  • all types of money transactions you have handled on previous jobs such as credit and debit cards, cash, checks, purchase orders, wire transfers, currency exchange transactions, and mobile payments like Square or ApplePay
  • retail skills like restocking, inventory, counter service, etc. if you are applying for a retail job
  • any specialized accounting or cashier software that you’ve used in your industry like internet booking channel management in the hospitality industry or ADP/CDK at automobile dealerships
  • any specialized skills like chip cash-outs for casino cashiers or accounting skills like journalizing accounts receivable for industrial equipment dealership cashiers
  • workplace skills like a being able to run a reception or customer service desk
  • customer-relation skills like being able to resolve complaints or providing product guidance in a friendly and professional manner
  • any knowledge of a second language that’s used in your area like Spanish in California or French in Northern Maine
  • any other work-related skills like driving a forklift if those skills might be useful for the job you’re applying for
  • any out-of-the-ordinary skills that may make you stand out from other job applicants such as a CPR certification or an honorable discharge from the military

Applicant Tracking Software

If you’re applying to a large retail store or supermarket chain then your resume for cashier work may be scanned into an applicant tracking system (ATS). If that’s the case, you may want to use a resume format that’s tailored for an ATS. Even if you are applying to a small to moderate-sized business like a university credit union, your resume may still be scanned into an ATS – so be sure to scout where you are applying beforehand to see if ATS software is likely to be used.

Special Considerations for a Entry-Level Cashier Resume

Is this the first cashier’s job or maybe even your first job that you’re applying for? Before you go on, consider reading this webpage first on the basics of writing for job applications, including resumes and cover letters. Don’t worry about a lack of experience.

In addition to what we’ve already mentioned, the most important consideration for applying for an entry-level job is a resume that can showcase the job-worthy skills you’ve learned outside of the traditional workplace. These skill include what you’ve learned from school, from playing in organized sports and from club and community activities. Because you won’t have a cashier experience section on your resume, there are some other important things you may want to consider for your cashier resume.

  • Play up the parts of your education that are relevant to working as a cashier. If you did not go on to college, mention high school classes that show your math ability like accounting. Consider listing any average GPA over 3.0 from your math classes or from all of your classes if that applies to you.
  • If you went to college, mention your GPA if it’s over 3.0; and list your minor if it’s related to cashier work, like accounting or management.
  • Emphasize any positive people skills that would be useful at your future job. Don’t neglect to include items like volunteer work, club activities, varsity letters, and officer positions in school or community clubs. Potential employers know these sorts of things often demonstrate that you have good people skills that will turn into good customer relation skills on the job.

Free Cashier Resume Examples

Many job applicants find that writing a good resume from scratch is hard. To help you with that, we’ve prepared 16 professional cashier resume templates. Our templates cover everything from general retail cashier resumes for supermarket cashiers to specialized cashier resumes for people like bank tellers.


Customer Care Cashier Resume

Customer Care Cashier Resume

This resume for a cashier is a good template for someone with some previous cashier experience and a lot of skills in customer care to showcase. Adding the good GPA is a nice touch: it shows the employer you’re intelligent and can work hard to get good grades.

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  • Filename: Customer-Care-Cashier-Resume.doc
  • Uploaded: 2013-10-27 18:55:00 / 3310

Bakery Cashier Resume

Bakery Cashier Resume

This is an example of a resume for a specific type of business, in this case, a bakery.

  • Size: 262 KB
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  • Filename: Bakery-Cashier-Resume.doc
  • Uploaded: 2013-10-27 18:55:00 / 3308

Insurance Company Cashier Resume

Insurance Company Cashier Resume

This resume template is useful for job applicants with more work experience. It could be adapted to more specialized cashier jobs like bank teller by replacing the generalized work experience and skills with more detailed ones.

  • Size: 111 KB
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  • Filename: Insurance-Company-Cashier-Resume.doc
  • Uploaded: 2013-10-27 18:55:00 / 3324

Grocery Store Cashier Resume

Grocery Store Cashier Resume

This sample cashier resume does a good job in mentioning most of the job skills that a general retail employer would be looking for. It can be easily adapted to most general retail cashier jobs like restaurant cashier or general retail store cashier. Someone with more experience as a supermarket cashier could adapt it to apply for a head cashier position.

  • Size: 299 KB
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  • Filename: Grocery-Store-Cashier-Resume.doc
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Freight Forwarding Cashier Resume

Freight Forwarding Cashier Resume

This is a resume that’s easy to adapt for almost any kind of firm where shipping is a large part of the billable services. It could also be used for applying for any cashier position that involves a great deal of inventory tracking.

  • Size: 121 KB
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  • Filename: Freight-Forwarding-Cashier-Resume.doc
  • Uploaded: 2013-10-27 18:55:00 / 3316

McDonald's Cashier Resume

McDonalds Cashier Resume

This is a template targeted toward the fast food business - McDonald’s or some other fast food chain.

  • Size: 308 KB
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  • Filename: McDonalds-Cashier-Resume.doc
  • Uploaded: 2013-10-27 18:55:00 / 3326

Supermarket Cashier Resume

Supermarket Cashier Resume

This is a good cashier resume sample that’s easy to adapt for someone with a lot of job skills or for someone wanting to craft a head cashier resume or apply for another lead cashier position in high volume retail.

  • Size: 127 KB
  • Downloads: 2319
  • Filename: Supermarket-Cashier-Resume.doc
  • Uploaded: 2013-10-27 18:55:00 / 3336

Information Clerk Cashier Resume

Information Clerk Cashier Resume

This is a good resume for most retail cashier positions but especially for businesses where employee responsibilities include a lot of accounting and customer service as well as traditional cashier duties.

  • Size: 234 KB
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  • Filename: Information-Clerk-Cashier-Resume.doc
  • Uploaded: 2013-10-27 18:55:00 / 3322

Gas Station Cashier Resume

Gas Station Cashier Resume

This template would be useful for gas station cashiers in states like New Jersey and Oregon where they are required by law. It could also adapted for almost any type of cashier position by expanding the sidebar and adding a licenses and certificates section if needed.

  • Size: 106 KB
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  • Filename: Gas-Station-Cashier-Resume.doc
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Shoe Store Cashier Resume

Shoe Store Cashier Resume

This resume is good for most cashier jobs but is also appropriate for someone with a lot of skills, education, certificates and other details to list. Because of the large skills section, this resume template could also be used for an entry-level job applicant to create a functional-style resume by replacing the work history with accounting and business coursework.

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  • Filename: Shoe-Store-Cashier-Resume.doc
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Software House Cashier Resume Template

Software House Cahier Resume Template

This simple resume template is both memorable and easy-to-read. It’s also a useful template for a combination-style resume that’s simple to adapt for almost any position.

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  • Filename: Software-House-Cahier-Resume-Template.doc
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Fast Food Cashier Resume

Fast Food Cashier Resume

This resume has been targeted for fast-food and restaurant cashier jobs but could also be used for other businesses.

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  • Filename: Fast-Food-Cashier-Resume.doc
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Restaurant Cashier Resume

Restaurant Cashier Resume

This resume can be easily changed to apply for almost any retail cashier position, though someone with a lot of previous job experience might be better off using a chronological resume template adapted for people with longer job histories.

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Store Cashier Resume

Store Cashier Resume

This is a good general combination-format resume with a traditional layout and sharp clean layout, perfect for a cashier with a short list of previous employment but a lot of skills to show off.

  • Size: 88 KB
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  • Filename: Store-Cashier-Resume.doc
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Bank Teller Resume Sample

Bank Teller Resume Sample

This is a sample resume specialized for a bank teller position that does a good job of listing the industry-specific job skills of a bank teller’s job. It can be adapted for use with most specialized cashier positions.

  • Size: 50 KB
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