21 Christmas Coupon Templates: printable DIY gift for anyone

Download printable Holiday gift coupons in MS Word
DIY Christmas Coupons and Gift Certificates

Are you running out of Christmas gift ideas? This is an expensive time of year when it comes to gift giving. So, why not give something of yourself or from your business? A Christmas Coupon is the answer to the dilemma of what to get, for whom and how much to spend.

Why use coupons as a gift?

  • Everyone appreciates coupons: Make yours personal
  • Show off your talent: Give a coupon that represents your craft or your business
  • Do a favor: Show your appreciation with a “service” coupon that promises help or assistance for someone who lives alone
  • Reward for purchase: Present customers with a coupon to draw them back to your business
  • Be creative: Use value in the form of money, discount, sale, a promise, a trip or a surprise
  • Get the word out: In business, print coupons for new customers
  • Show your appreciation: Do not forget the service and supply people in your life
  • Meet the neighbors: Coupon certificates are a good way to welcome new people to your world.

Are you convinced that gift coupon is a great idea of a gift? Here are just a few suggestions for Christmas Coupon ideas:

  • Give your mom a coupon for a dinner at her favorite restaurant
  • Give your spouse or partner a coupon for a day at the spa
  • Give your child the promise of a trip to the circus or a theme park
  • Attach a coupon to a certificate for your boss’ favorite coffee shop
  • Give your customers who make a purchase, a discount coupon for their next visit
  • Give business associates a coupon for your promised assistance with a business task, such as photocopying or creating a presentation (something they do not enjoy doing)
  • Give a book of coupons to someone who is always doing things to help you

Our Free Christmas Coupon Collection gives you a variety of opportunities to express yourself, impress business associates and attract customers.Downloadable in Microsoft Word, these coupons are already designed with themes and blank lines to fill in the information. You can easily customize the coupon to fit your style and message. Be sure to check our Christmas Gift Certificates, Christmas Flyers, and Christmas Invitations as well; if you are good with MS Word you can easily do some magic of making a coupon from a flyer by moving around text and images.

On this page you will find 21 free templates for you to download and customize to your purposes. Using Microsoft Word, simply type your text on each blank line; insert a picture or clipart; print on a color computer, or take the saved file to a printer to print a large volume. Or, print it as is, and fill out by hand to give it a personal touch.

Here is how:

  1. Download the template file
  2. Open with Microsoft Word
  3. Click on each blank line to type your information
  4. Add a logo, picture, clipart by choosing Insert on the menu bar and select the type of item to insert
  5. Add a symbol using Autoshapes on the Drawing Toolbar
  6. Use the Mail Merge feature to insert a large number of names automatically
  7. Change the font and color with Format>Font on the menu bar
  8. Save the file and print the coupons on a color printer (It is better to use a card stock or 24 lb paper).
  9. Trim the coupon to the right size.

20 More Christmas Coupon Templates

Scroll through our Christmas Coupon Templates below to choose just the right certificate, coupon or exchange from the many designs. The styles of art are very eclectic and professional. Choose one or more that fit your occasion and personality. The choices include elegant, generic, seasonal characters, classic and cartoon design themes.

We hope you enjoy our efforts to make your Christmas gift giving a little simpler and more personal. Send us a message with any new ideas you have for coupon types. Let us know how your coupons were received by the benefactors. Others will smile at your creativity and ingenuity. Happy coupon prepping, printing and gifting.

Red festive design

Simple Christmas Coupon

Elegant scrolled script on a festive red background, this coupon has a simple text box.

  • Size: 183 B
  • Downloads: 12407
  • Filename: red-festive-design.docx

Art Deco Theme for Business

Discount Coupon Template

Art Deco design and holiday colors with places for value and expiration date.

  • Size: 183 B
  • Downloads: 6003
  • Filename: art-deco-theme-for-business.docx

Red Decoration Landscape Design

Red Christmas Decoration Coupon

Simply elegant white etching on red background with tag-type coupon message.

  • Size: 183 B
  • Downloads: 7865
  • Filename: red-decoration-landscape-design.docx

Holiday Coupon Book

Holiday Coupon Book

Each book page lists an offer from the giver to perform a chore or attend an event for the recipient.

  • Size: 12 MB
  • Downloads: 7565
  • Filename: Holiday-Coupon-Book.docx

A Special Gift Reindeer Coupon

A special gift Reindeer Coupon

Waving reindeer with space to print the gift that you entitle to the recipient.

  • Size: 167 KB
  • Downloads: 21833
  • Filename: A-special-gift-Reindeer-Coupon.docx

Happy Holidays with ribbon banner

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year coupon

Simple, tasteful ribbon banner to list gift item.

  • Size: 183 B
  • Downloads: 8105
  • Filename: happy-holidays-with-ribbon-banner.docx

Happy Holidays With Ribbon Coupon

Happy Holidays with Ribbon Coupon

Proclamation style announcement of bearer’s entitlement.

  • Size: 312 KB
  • Downloads: 7611
  • Filename: Happy-Holidays-with-Ribbon-Coupon.docx

Snow Theme Holiday Sample

Snow Theme Holiday Coupon

Snow theme in a Deco style has plain text box for coupon details.

  • Size: 183 B
  • Downloads: 5545
  • Filename: snow-theme-holiday-sample.docx

Laughing Santa Design

Santa Fill in Coupon Template

Laughing Santa points to a message to exchange something…hmm.

  • Size: 183 B
  • Downloads: 14086
  • Filename: laughing-santa-design.docx

Santa Coupon

Santa Coupon Template

Happy Santa greets recipient with a coupon good for all types of gifts.

  • Size: 794 KB
  • Downloads: 8111
  • Filename: Santa-Coupon.docx

Holiday Sale

Holiday Sale Coupon Template

Photo quality artwork of presents that tell of percentage discount with a free offer.

  • Size: 215 KB
  • Downloads: 3578
  • Filename: Holiday-Sale.docx

Holiday Sale Blue Theme

Holiday Sale Blue theme Coupon Template

Eye-catching snowy theme that announces extra percentage discount plus free gift and spot to use a gift code.

  • Size: 1 MB
  • Downloads: 3457
  • Filename: Holiday-Sale-Blue-theme.docx

Red And Green Merry Christmas Coupon

Red and Green Merry Christmas Coupon

Graphic Christmas trees that informally present gift offering.

  • Size: 65 KB
  • Downloads: 5228
  • Filename: Red-and-Green-Merry-Christmas-Coupon.docx

Christmas Gift Coupon

Christmas Gift Coupon

Professional artwork of gifts and green background with places for value, date and coupon number.

  • Size: 263 KB
  • Downloads: 5054
  • Filename: Christmas-Gift-Coupon.docx

Generic Gift Coupon

Generic Gift Coupon Template

Classic holiday greenery with a graceful script to announce certificate entitlement.

  • Size: 603 KB
  • Downloads: 7694
  • Filename: Generic-Gift-Coupon.docx

Gift Coupon With Value

Gift Coupon with Value Christmas Coupon

Simple wrapped gifts with lines for value and coupon number.

  • Size: 76 KB
  • Downloads: 4516
  • Filename: Gift-Coupon-with-Value.docx

Merry Christmas Rounded Borders

Merry Christmas Rounded borders Christmas Coupon

No nonsense design with gift value and lines for location and website details.

  • Size: 159 KB
  • Downloads: 3421
  • Filename: Merry-Christmas-Rounded-borders.docx

Discount Offer

Discount Offer Christmas Coupon

Tasteful holiday design with space for specific $ or % Off with expiration date.

  • Size: 78 KB
  • Downloads: 3354
  • Filename: Discount-Offer.docx

Cartoon Bubbles Coupon

Cartoon Bubbles Christmas Coupon

Snowflakes with cartoon bubble text boxes to insert your message: type on computer or write by hand.

  • Size: 197 KB
  • Downloads: 5090
  • Filename: Cartoon-Bubbles-Coupon.docx

Multipurpose Holiday Coupon

Multipurpose Holiday Christmas Coupon

Colorful and decorative coupon to fill in most any type of gift.

  • Size: 255 KB
  • Downloads: 6889
  • Filename: Multipurpose-Holiday-Coupon.docx