Access a collection of resume examples and advice to kickstart your job search.

Six seconds. That’s the average amount of time that recruiters and hiring managers spend looking at a resume. What does this startlingly short timeline mean for you? It means you need to make a strong impression with your resume, right away.

If you’re unsure as to how to write a top-notch resume, you’ll need to learn. You also need to know how to adapt your resume your field of interest, making sure it contains properly phrased, industry-specific content that demonstrates your understanding of the job at hand.

Starting off with a resume example is crucial to your success. Resume examples provide not only inspiration but also guidance on structure and key elements to include. Hloom’s resume examples—organized by industry and job title, and paired with on-page writing tips—show you how to generate a unique, eye-catching resume in no time at all.

Build a Resume in 3 Steps

1First things first

Decide which resume format will do the best job of displaying your work experience and skills. Chronological, functional, and combination are the three most common formats; you can determine which one is best-suited for you via our handy Resume Format Guide.

2Next, you need to think about presentation,

specifically which resume template will work best for your needs. Things to consider here include industry (for example, if you’re applying for a job in a conservative field, like finance, find a basic template) and method of submission (say you’re submitting through an applicant tracking system— we have an ATS template you can use).

3Finally, it’s time to personalize

You need to customize your resume so that it tells your specific career story and speaks to the required skills and experience of the job at hand.

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Food Industry, Restaurant & Bar Resume Examples

If you’re looking to wait tables, bartend, or prepare and serve food to the public, these resume examples will provide solid starting points for crafting your resume. Formal educational credentials are not required for most jobs in this field, so focus on emphasizing your skills and work history in your resume. With population growth expanding, the need for more food industry-related jobs will continue to grow. Know that you should put your top-notch people skills front and center if you’re looking for work as a server of any kind.
Waiter & Waitress
Resume Example
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Bartender Resume Example
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Fast Food Server
Resume Example
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Customer Service & Retail Industry Resume Examples

These resume examples are ideal for those looking to assist customers in a customer service capacity, as well as cashiers, salespeople, and managers in a variety of retail settings, including clothing, furniture, and automobiles. Customer service and retail industry jobs both call for top-notch people skills, so be sure to emphasize yours. Also, customize your work history in such a way that you tell stories that spell out your greatest customer service accomplishments.
Cashier Resume Example
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Key Holder Resume Example
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Sales Merchandiser Resume Example
Use This Example

Office Worker & Administrative Assistant
Resume Examples

If you’re looking for a job as an administrative assistant, bookkeeper, accountant, auditor, or general office clerk, you’ve come to the right place. Know that exceptional organizational and communication skills – and identifying related accomplishments – are key to landing most office worker and administrative assistant jobs. For more roles, a high school diploma (or equivalent) and some college experience are typically required, too. Also, be sure to note experience any experience you have with or expertise in particular software programs.
Account Executive Resume Examples
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Administrative Assistant Resume Examples
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Finance Clerk Resume Examples
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Maintenance & Janitorial Resume Examples

Cleaning professionals, grounds maintenance workers, facilities managers, and HVAC and refrigeration maintenance workers will be served well by these resume examples. For cleaning professionals of all stripes—from janitors to residential house cleaners—it will be important to emphasize a commitment to cleanliness, as well as strong organizational skills and proof of your physical capabilities. For more technical jobs, like facilities managers, emphasizing strong technical and leadership skills is a must.
Maintenance Man Resume Examples
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Electrician Resume Examples
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Automobile Mechanic Resume Examples
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Nursing & Healthcare Resume Examples

These resume samples are ideal for those in the wide-ranging field of healthcare—doctors, veterinarians, dentists, nurses, pharmacists, home health aides, EMTs, paramedics, and therapists of all varieties. The healthcare sector is expected to grow almost 20 percent by 2024, adding approximately 2.3 million new jobs. To take advantage of this growth from a career perspective, you’ll need to emphasize your particular healthcare training and education. Remember to include relevant credentials after your name on your resume—RN or MD, for example–and to include relevant licensing information.
ICU Nurse Resume Examples
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Patient Care Coordinator Resume Examples
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Paramedic Resume Examples
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Marketing & Sales Resume Examples

Looking to springboard into a new career in marketing or sales? These resume examples work nicely for marketing professionals from a variety of backgrounds, including brand, product, and account managers, as well as a variety of sales roles, including insurance and real estate. Adding relevant soft and hard skills are key to a successful sales or marketing resume, so be sure to emphasize both. Also, emphasize any measurable achievements or successes in your work history section by using sales figures or other data.
Advertising Account Executive Resume Examples
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Digital Strategist Resume Examples
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Seo Specialist Resume Examples
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Engineering Resume Examples

Engineers and others in the wide field of engineering, which includes civil, environmental, biomedical, agricultural, aerospace, and computer engineering, will find resume writing inspiration in these engineering resume examples. Technical and problem-solving skills are utterly crucial to focus on when crafting an engineering-related resume, and so is education—a bachelor’s or associate’s degree is needed for most positions in this field. Be sure to note any quantifiable accomplishments from a previous or current position in the Experience section by using data or statistics wherever possible.
Aeronautical Engineer Resume Examples
Use This Example
Hvac Engineer Resume Examples
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Quality Control Manager Resume Examples
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Should I Use a Resume Builder?

When you use a resume builder, you take away a lot of the guesswork involved in the sometimes puzzling art of writing a resume. A resume builder provides beginning-to-end guidance in resume writing, offering jobseekers step-by-step guidance in creating a customized resume.

Here’s how a resume builder works:

First, you select a resume template from a library of professional designs, and then build out the resume with industry-specific bullet points. Along the way, custom content and personalized tips are provided to the jobseeker to help them find just the right words to describe their qualifications and allowing them to generate a resume that promotes their unique skills, experience, and qualifications.

Resume builders are useful for a number of reasons, one of the primary ones being that they allow jobseekers to generate resumes very quickly (usually, with just a few clicks). Also, since you’re starting with a professionally designed resume template, a lot of the writing and formatting work is already done for you. What could be better than that?

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Education & Teaching Resume Examples

Teachers and teacher assistants—from preschool to postsecondary—will find resume inspiration in our collection of education and teaching resume examples. These examples are also ideal for educational directors, principals, and other professionals, as well. A great education and teaching resume should include a focus on work history, education, and skills; don’t forget this when assembling yours. Share major classroom successes in teaching-related resumes, and stellar leadership, budgeting, and curriculum supervision successes in educational director-related resumes.
Academic Counselor Resume Examples
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Elementary Teacher Resume Examples
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Private Tutor Resume Examples
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Construction Industry Resume Examples

The demand for skilled workers in the construction industry field is set to grow by ten percent by 2024, faster than the national average for all other occupational fields. Carpenters, electricians, drywallers, roofers, and general construction workers can take stock of this collection of resume examples when sitting down to assemble theirs. Keep this key piece of advice in mind—emphasize the technical skills needed for the particular branch of construction you’re angling to find a job in to increase your chances of success.
General Contractor Resume Examples
Use This Example
Safety Specialist Resume Examples
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Architect Resume Examples
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Accounting & Finance Resume Examples

Accountants, auditors, tax examiners, revenue agents, and budget and financial analysts will find great starting points for creating their own resumes by perusing this collection of accounting and finance resume examples. Top-notch analytical and numbers skills must be emphasized in any finance and accounting-related resume so be sure to note any quantifiable accomplishments that are tied to your analytical and numbers skills. The world of accounting and finance is rather conservative, so stick to a simple design rather than getting creative with font style and color.
Accountant Resume Examples
Use This Example
Controller Resume Examples
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Bookkepper Resume Examples
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Driver & Transportation Resume Examples

For those seeking on-the-go jobs, such as a position as a bus driver, pilot, flight attendant, truck driver, material moving machine operator, and delivery people of all stripes, take a look at the driver and transportation resume examples housed here. Customer service and communication skills are crucial for many jobs in this field, and so are specific driving licenses, as well as clean driving records. If you’re aiming for work in a delivery-related job, note your ability to lift and handle heavy objects and packages.
Bus Driver Resume Examples
Use This Example
Heavy Truck Driver Resume Examples
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Fleet Manager Resume Examples
Use This Example

Information Technology Resume Examples

Computer programmers, database administrators, information security analysts, tech support employees, and software and web developers should all take note of these IT resume examples. When creating your own resume, be sure to emphasize your stellar technical, analytical, and trouble-shooting skills. In your Work Experience section, chronicle any measurable, notable successes in a current or previous position, and add numbers, stats, and other data to back it up. Also, for jobs in this field, be sure to emphasize your education.
Coder Resume Examples
Use This Example
It Analyst Resume Examples
Use This Example
Storage Administrator Resume Examples
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Real Estate Resume Examples

Real estate agents and brokers (and those in supporting jobs in the real estate field), can use these resume examples for inspiration when sitting down to assemble your own resume. Be sure to note your exceptional interpersonal skills when putting together your real estate resume. Every U.S. state requires real estate agents and brokers to be licensed, so be sure to note on your resume that you’ve passed your licensing exam.
Apartment Leasing Agent Resume Examples
Use This Example
Home Inspector Resume Examples
Use This Example
Realtor Resume Examples
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Law Enforcement, Security, & Fire Resume Examples

If you’re looking to start a career or find a new job as a police officer, detective, firefighter, fire inspector, security guard, bailiff, or correctional officer, peruse these resume examples for ideas on how to write and organize your resume. Exceptional observational skills are needed in law enforcement, security, and firefighting jobs, so be sure to bring yours center stage. Also, note measurable achievements—like the number of cases you’ve solves or five-alarm fires prevented—in your Work Experience section.
911 Operator Resume Examples
Use This Example
Firefighter Resume Examples
Use This Example
Security Consultant Resume Examples
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Internship and Student Resume Examples

Students and interns with limited work experience should consider the functional resume format, which will bring their education and skills to the forefront rather than focusing on work experience. Think about extra-curricular activities that required skills that tie to the job you’re going after, and bring them front and center. Also, consider noting your grade point average (if it’s high) or any honors you’ve received as a student.
High School Student Resume Examples
Use This Example
College Student Resume Examples
Use This Example
Internship Resume Examples
Use This Example

Write a Matching Cover Letter

Having a cover letter that is well written and that speaks to the needs of both the role and the company will almost always improve your chances of snagging an interview. Your cover letter should complement your resume and expand on its contents by highlighting your relevant key skills and accomplishments.

Like with your resume, personalizing each cover letter is crucial to getting the job you want. That means, at its simplest, including the title of the job you’re applying for and the name of the company.

Open with a name – “Dear sir” or “To whom it may concern” just won’t cut it. These are weak, generic opening salutations. Aim to find via LinkedIn or on the company’s website the name of the hiring manager, or the person in charge of the particular department, and address your letter to them (for example: “Dear Ms. Vaccarino,”).

Write an eye-catching first paragraph –Your opening paragraph should be two to three sentences, tops. It must be commanding and dynamic and make the reader want to continue reading. You’ll need to note the title of the job you’re applying for, and the company you’re applying for, as well as display a little knowledge of what the company does. Then, briefly touch on the needed skills that you possess that will help the company succeed.
Make your case in the body paragraph(s) – No more than two body paragraphs is necessary (in fact, many cover letter writers include just one body paragraph). The body paragraph is the heart of the cover letter—it’s where you drive home why you’re the one for the job. Focus on what you’ve learned in previous roles that relate to the job you’re going after, and write about how they helped you grow.

End on a note of enthusiasm – Your final paragraph should be brief—no more than three sentences. Reiterate your enthusiasm for the company and the role, thank the reader for their time, and note that you look forward to learning more.

One last thing: make sure your entire cover letter fits on one page.

Choose Your Cover Letter

Final Resume Tips

First thing first: make sure your resume is the right length. Most resumes are a single page in length, but two-page resumes are fine, too, if you have many years of experience. The general rule of thumb? Include ten years of experience per-page.
Take note of font size, color, and style. Font size should never be below 10-point or larger than 12-point font. Play it safe and use black font color for all text. Also, make sure your resume is in easily digestible font style, like Cambria or Times New Roman.
Make sure the email address you provide is professional. Never use an email address that could have potentially negative connotations.
Double check that you’ve included the right phone number. Getting your digits correct is important for communication with a hiring manager.
Ensure you’ve included a summary statement, and not an (outdated) objective statement.
In the Experience section of your resume, start off with your current/most recent position, and go backward from there.
Make sure the location for each position is listed, and the dates of employment, too.
Aim for 5-8 descriptive bullet points for each profiled position. Make sure each profiled position contains a mix of responsibilities and accomplishments (preferably, quantifiable ones).
Check your verb tense. Make sure previous positions held are written about in the past tense, and that your current position (if you’re in one) is written about in the present tense.
Look for consistency, too. For example, make sure there are periods at the end of all of your bullet points – or none at all.
In the Education section of your resume, start with your most recent degree and go backward from there.
Make sure there’s nothing in your resume that could offend. Throw out anything that could be viewed as political, religious, or controversial.
Double- and triple-check your grammar and spelling. Let’s repeat that—double- and triple-check your grammar and spelling.